well. First day of new job= 10.5hrs, much IT frustration and a very broken montjoye at the end of it. Haven't felt this broken for ages. Eyestrain, backstrain, low blood sugar, the works. Think I over did it, first day back and all. May matters improve from here please. Do I try too hard or what?

From: [identity profile] quatrefoil.livejournal.com

Time to take Penny's advice for starting a new job - don't be a wunderkind at first, you only make a rod for your own back. I've learned that to my detriment. I suggest you work a standard day tomorrow - after all, if they haven't their act together regarding your IT, that's not your fault.

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Don't let them break you. I don't know where I'd get another Montjoye.

From: [identity profile] kirieldp.livejournal.com

Quatrefoil has it right. Don't you let them get the idea that you are not going to have a life. Remember... WORK IS SOMETHING THAT PAYS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

And yes you do try too hard. Always have, always will. It is in your nature.

love you and congrats on surviving your first day.

From: [identity profile] bar-barra.livejournal.com

Do I try too hard or what?

This may, of course, be the case. And though I hate to say this to a fellow V: sometimes near enough is good enough. (And sometimes it isn't, of course....) *hug*


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