-company for dinner after 3 days on my own. Thanks for coming over [livejournal.com profile] erudito . Though we agreed we should each have been spending the evening with a lovely gentleman of the right persuasion, sigh.
-a favourite old recipe
-black sherry- though it or the total quantity of alcohol is noticeable in my brain this morning

-brushing my hair in a mostly dark room and watching the sparks in the mirror
-a clean kitchen
-rediscovering nutella
-feeling almost well. Actually well would be better but hopefully all I have to do is wait.

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( May. 24th, 2009 01:17 pm)
-There are now 9 rainbow chard seedlings planted in my garden
-I have been reading up on fruit trees. I am fantasising about my very own little orchard in the front garden. Hmm, I had best get cracking on organising those fences. My favourite nursery says the bare rooted trees start arriving in fortnight!

- I have wrestled the red velvet chaise lounge into the dressing room. It fits (barely) and looks great with the pink carpet. Now the green curtains look out of place. I am thinking the curtains should move into my bedroom BUT there are 20 lovely brass curtain rings hiding somewhere in this house. I can't find them, curses.

-there is ~12m of old carefully painted tent valance soaking in bleach. I washed it first but there was still moulding spots so I am giving bleach a go. The bleach does not seem to be attacking the paint which is good but it also doesn't seem to be attacking the mould.**

-The bodice of my orange wool cranach gown is recombobulated about 3cm wider and now fits in a circumference sense. However, the pressure on the points of my shoulders is rather higher than I think I can tolerate for long. Really I need to let the shoulders out a bit... or make a new dress? I think this means that I must call the purple gown TOO SMALL* I don't really have time to make a new gown before midwinter unless I drop everything else. I'm not really in that zone, would much rather putter about with house, garden and street clothes.

So I shall finish putting the orange back together, it should be OK for baronial swap I think given it is one evening only. Maybe I shall wear the new black Durer for the Sat, it's mildly speccy but not warm, deliberately. It was built for festi after all.

-It has taken 3 coffees to banish the fog in my brain today. I now feel reasonably awake and amazed I got so much done this morning even with a thick head. I was supposed to be cutting that black coat but I won't tackle that with said thick head.

*actually almost a relief to decide I shan't wear that. I have never been truly happy with it except the 'stomacher' which I love and could have a new gown made for it.

**old tent roof had two well sized holes ripped in it. The so called canvas now feels more like calico. I think I shall salvage the rope and throw the rest out.


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