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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 10:44 am)
-after 2hrs of solid effort, my beloved car is clean and polished. Well on the outside. The sad part is that if I had done this a few times over the last few years, the layer of shine would be over nice smooth duco and not over lumps and bumps of peeling paint. Well, can't say I wasn't warned. Papa used to always pester me to polish it. However, the recent hot weather seems to have been the last straw. The paint has only lifted since then.  Ah well. I either keep a spotty, peeling car or I don't.  Tomorrow he goes for a service, I shall ask the mechanic's view on his longevity. Next weekend I will clean the inside whether I am keeping him or not.

-the jasmine has had another go at invading the house. Sneakily wound around the table leg. This time I put zero on the cut ends. See if that stops it!

-I still don't have screen doors. The installer called again this morning- he is going to the big service today. I am selfishly disappointed but there is no way I would give him additional grief over it.



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