meeting until 7:10, home 8pm needing "food or the world will end"- I eat some weird things when needing to produce food in extremis like this, did manage to avoid nasty fast food though.  I had forgotten to take anything crafthall useful with me this morning so I had to come home and once here and fed, I would have got to crafthall 30min before needing to leave again. So I shall put the bins out and do the dishes- what exciting achievements. Well after an 11+ hour day I'm lucky to get that much done. A few stars appliqued would have been more fun and the company better but sadly not to be today. Bother
on brussel sprouts.

I used to hate them. However several times in the last few years I have had really good dishes made from them. Tonight I had what is probably my first ever go at cooking them. They replaced the potato in a good and yummy nicoise salad (hope I spelt that right). The trick seems to be to not overcook them.

On the work front. It turns out that I am so unused to working less than 10+ hours per day, I feel guilty if I leave before then. Two days this week I have managed to limit myself to 9hr days but it sure is hard. I feel like I am shirking.

I am having another go at trying to get more done on weeknights in an attempt to free up a block of time for project work on the weekend. If I don't, I will never get this black coat made. I need half a day or so to just get started. Tonight has gone well. Left office at 5:15. Have done a few groceries, cooked dinner and got a load of washing on. Feels like some kind of miracle. I even have time to do another thing or two before retiring, yay.
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( Apr. 25th, 2009 05:23 pm)
Matters have improved since Monday night. Especially since Monday night itself but lets not go there.

Slowly getting a feel for this new job. The people are really nice, welcoming  and seem devoted to their work- I like that. . There is more accountingy sort of stuff in it that I thought, not sure I am going to enjoy that. However people say one can mould a job to oneself- I shall try to move it in more practical directions or something.

Am feeling odd. Emotionally exhausted or something. I need to get my head around the new job before I can redefine some of  who I am? If I'm not the old me, then who am I? I like to think I don't define myself by what I do for a living but that seems to not be the case. Also, spending a full week at a new desk with completely new people around me was tiring. It was like my antennae had to be up all the time, could not just settle and work, partly 'cause I didn't know what I needed to do. This will all improve over time but is probably the cause of my reclusiveness today.

I was considerably relieved that our planned harvest festival was postponed at something like the last minute. Not that I don't want to go, I DO. I just didn't want to go TODAY. Instead I have spent the day alone at home being domestic. Most unusually, I could not even bring myself to seek company for tonight. Don't have the energy to converse. Didn't really want to write this post but wanted to record something of this state of mind.

It seems I am slowly doing an (Autumn ) Spring clean. In some ways it makes sense. Want to get the house nice before I spend the winter shut up in it. One does spend more time at home during winter. As I haven't cleaned or tidied properly in a LONG time, and I live in a house that is far bigger than necessary.... there is plenty to do.

Of minor note today
-finally got brave and washed the two festi gowns (and one favourite underskirt )that needed it. Won't really know how that went until I try pressing them
-cleaned and polished the 2pairs shoes worn at fest and were rather the worse for wear
-tidied the back yard some. Including disposing of the plants that didn't make it through the summer heat.
-plant the new parsley seedlings out to the herb garden. Grown from seed and had already been potted up once
-lots of boring laundry, dishes, groceries
-some jewellery assembly. Might write more on that tomorrow.

Tonight I am cooking a monster pot of curry. I am trying to empty the freezer so I can defrost it but I keep making more stuff to put in it. Maybe tomorrow I will use the esky and go ahead to do the defrost anyway. Possibly  not the best day to pick- coldest forecast in ages. But It always seems mad to reject an impulse to actually do housework. Mostly I hate it so any actual inclination to do it must be seized or live in squalour.

Oh, and isn't it nice to be at home safe with storms going on outside? I have always liked that. Hasn't been enough proper weather lately. Go the rain!
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( Apr. 20th, 2009 07:46 pm)
well. First day of new job= 10.5hrs, much IT frustration and a very broken montjoye at the end of it. Haven't felt this broken for ages. Eyestrain, backstrain, low blood sugar, the works. Think I over did it, first day back and all. May matters improve from here please. Do I try too hard or what?
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( Mar. 31st, 2009 09:15 am)
I am feeling a bit distressed, rejected etc. I got in to work today to find my replacement logged on at my desk! Actually not a bad idea but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
I feel I could burst into tears any moment. I think this has something to do with the fact that my start date seems to be confirmed for the new job. So now I feel all shaky and wibbly. One consequence of this is that I dragged the side of the car against the gatepost again on the way into my back yard. Sometimes I am just a bit too delicate.

So. a couple of positive pics to show the world is not so bad

The first of the autumn crocuses growing luminously through a pile of mulch. I planted 4 lots of autumn flowering bulbs, umm, last autumn. Not suprisingly, none had flowered yet. Wonder if any of the others will. This is a meadow crocus, supposed to be hardy. certainly beautiful. The flowers are much larger than I expected, no bad thing.

Got back from Pt Fairy Monday night. House is still full of camping gear in the wrong places and lots of laundry, some washed, some not. Spent pretty much all festival working on a pair of these:

this is the black and pink remake of the Durer "walking frock" or so I dub it. Maybe i will remember to post a pic of the etching when you eventually get a pic of the finished gown. Amusingly that is a corner of sheet you see pretending to be a chemise sleeve.

Oh, my replacement at work has been announced. He starts on Monday. I actually have some confidence he will be up to the challenge. I then have two weeks leave to go to festi and start the new job after that.....Wibble. It is good, so why do I feel so feeble? relief? fear of the next thing? whatever,  I had better get over it I suppose.

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( Feb. 2nd, 2009 06:19 pm)
I now understand why there is a cliched character- usually a father figure- who comes home from work, says "Ugg" (or words to that effect) pours himself a drink and stares at the wall for a while. I even left work at 5 today and am still suffering that effect. Must prod myself into putting dinner on.
came out today. Yes, it's official, I have a new job. Starting approx 1st March after they find someone to do my current job. Mwahaha.

Lord I'm tired.
The strange path to my new job (?) continues. Both current and future boss made cryptic comments today about notes going out tomorrow so looks like I have a new job for Christmas. Don't congratulate me yet. Be sure I'll tell if it really does become official.

Sorry to be posting this just after [ profile] ms_kilian  's post about hiring freeze.

Work is mad, need I say it? 7:30am to 6:45pm today. Eye strain and general exhaustion ensue. The idea of 4 days off is blissful.

a string of coloured lights on the front of a house- fine by me. Ones that change colour in time to a nasty electronic rendition of silent night- not so much.

So glad to be home. Budge is glad too. Life has been "hard" this week, I have barely had to feed myself. So many lunches and dinners, all work based, nice, generous and all but tiring. And work is madder even than usual, really. Tomorrow there is another lunch and the big department Christmas party in the evening. I'm really glad I have nothing planned for Sat other than laundry and sewing. Then it's back into party mode for Sunday!

I think I have the new job though no one has really said so as such. Three people congratulated me today and I had to say that I didn't think it is official. Odd. Life is too busy to worry about it really. Matters will come clear soon enough I suppose.

I have seen pics of my new nephew! and I have permission to make a quilt! Life is not so bad.

Oh and eventually I had better do something about Christmas? do you think? Hmm. Maybe better I had.
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( Nov. 20th, 2008 08:41 pm)
busy few days with no LJ, pout. However.... the job application went in on time. I have at least 2 competitors, wish I knew who the second one is. Whatever, not the end of world if I don't get it. If numbers of well-wishers counts, I'd be a shoe in. Ta for all the good luck messages.

In other, more certain and  immediately relevant news: 
-I have freshly trimmed hair, with a surprise point no less!
-I have decided on and altered a frock
-to wear to R's annual cocktail party!!!, to which I am going!!!! If you know what and where this is and are going too- I look forward to seeing you there.
-because of this I am NOT working tomorrow!! YAY, 3 day weekend!.

I refuse to apologise for the number of exclamation marks in this post.

and I am liking this new style I am trialing for my journal. One day I might learn how to design my own. Would probably end up somewhere between this one and the previous trial. Parchmenty with a dark border and a bit of detailing and pretty fonts. Sort of elegant, readable steampunk. There are several pretend handwritten styles but I don't find them terribly usable.
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 08:18 pm)
Huge day at work. Left home 7:20am, got home 8pm. No convenient meals waiting for me in the fridge/freezer. Grumph. I shall have to do at least some work tomorrow also. That almost rubs out my day off if you count in 8hr days. Grumph. Oh and I forgot my glasses too today and had to wear the ugly 80's ones with a paperclip holding them together.

Update: feeling marginally better having found a quick yummy dinner option. one of the things in the freezer was more interesting than I thought first time round- putting the light on was useful.
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 08:40 am)
My big question for today: will I be brave enough to wield an angle-grinder for the first time? Various metal things for the bathroom need editing and I haven't the strength or patience to do it with a hacksaw. Is it stupid to also cut wooden things with an angle-grinder?

First I need to finish waking up. Then I will measure and mark the cut lines carefully. Then find clamps, goggles etc. Both hands on the anglegrinder... We will see.

It is late for me to be still waking up. I went to bed early-first time for weeks. Then got a call from [ profile] giddyaunt , a lovely thing, and still within the bounds of "a reasonable hour". Then work rang with a big issue in one of my ports which kept me up till past midnight. Not my fault and I can't fix it but that doesn't stop me feeling sick-guilty. Really hard to sleep in that state. I am on tenterhooks waiting for the call that says all OK now.

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( Sep. 15th, 2008 09:36 pm)
I pursuaded myself to go to work today -this was a struggle- by promising myself that I would leave at 5.  How exciting, such a treat to leave at 5, only a nine hour day. Various people at work were conspiring to throw obstacles in my path. Well actually no, that would imply forethought and coordination. Mostly the barriers are from thoughtlessness. I fought them all off anyway and walked out the door. Gee it felt good. Must try to do it more often. I came home through the storm, great clouds and light show(sun and cloud rather than lightening). Bought some nice food. Made the best steak sandwich ever. Drank English Ale brewed by G, yum. Assembled my medicine cabinet, read a Sunday's worth of LJ. Had not done that on Sunday due to entertaining the lovely R, fabulous to have her here.

One of my side neighbours is renovating. Between that and the wind there are many scary noises.

Have now put together all the bathroom cupboards. R helped with the tall one, would have been much harder to attach legs to the bottom of a 179cm cupboard without another pair of hands. Frustrating 'cause I am reluctant to install the two that need to be attached to the wall until I have painted the walls, silly doing that before Papa comes and we rebuild the wall behind the washing machine and tile and stuff. So they will have to languish in a corner for a couple of months I think. Is ok, even just the underbasin cupboards are a big improvement- must put the knobs on. Is going to be great! I could go mad and paint some of the walls so I could put them up? Ah, need to decide what colour the walls will be. Oh goody, I get to play with paint charts again. No, really, I like paint charts, have since I was a kid. I grew up in an repeatedly extended and redecorated house.

Bed soon. Hope the wind makes less nasty waking up noises tonight.
Big nasty week makes me feel like crying. Or curling in a ball with a pillow on my head! I haven't but I have that tight feeling around the eyes as if I might any minute.

Went to the big I store on the way home last night and bought more cupboards for the bathroom. I really like them, they will look great. Not sure how long they will last,  being made out of plastic coated chipboard. Still, they were the only thing I could find of the right shape. Proper wood would be far better but just not available without getting them custom made. Yes Papa could do that but we have better things to do with his limited time. I just settled myself a little by making up the other 'under basin' cupboard. Looks much better with one either side, balanced and symmetrical. Then to make up the tall one for next to the loo and the medicine cupboard. That will have to wait for another day. Later I have plans for a mirror over the basin, cunningly mounted on hinges and a basket or two for intermittently damp things like laundry bags and cleaning cloths. There is also of course the 'arranging things in the cupboards' task to come. I also have visions of pretty jars on a shelf but I still haven't decided where that will go.

Before I leave the house I must:
-eat lunch
-do the dishes
-prune the rosemary for hall decorations
-water the front garden?
-pack my:
feasting gear
banner fixing bits
wash bag.
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( Jul. 16th, 2007 08:57 pm)
evening all

well, suprise, it takes longer to drive the 18.51km across the city to my new workplace than the 58.3km to my old one in Geelong (don't you love "whereis"?). More time, less petrol, more toll, more frustration. And no parking spot at the end of it. I lost count of how many times I said to myself " I should be on the train". Thank you Mrs Brown (how do you do that LJ ID thing?). I took your advice last night and looked at Metlink. So I theoretically know how it should be done. I drove this morning 'cause I had bags of stuff that did not get packed on Friday as we (again, suprise!) were busy with some random work emergency while the removalists came and took the rest away. So Tues with a lighter bag and heart , tomorrowI shall brave the public transport system. Even if it is forecast 11 degrees and hail.

The wierd thing that really was a suprise- for the first hour or so after arriving I felt truly wierded out, grumpy and wanted to burst into tears. Wasn't expecting that. Felt much better by the end of the day. Actually, felt much better by the end of the first hour when, despite wierd emotional stuff, I had managed to unpack and mostly set up my desk. There was too much actual work to be done to finish the set up, still dont know how to work the scanner or where the fax machine is etc. Oh and my computer had a spasm and needed a crash shutdown so I could leave the office- after spending the last hour or so intermittently swearing at it hanging. I was not alone in this latter problem.

Must say, first gear all the way through the domain tunnel is not something I am anxious to repeat.


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