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( May. 16th, 2009 10:19 am)
I am supposed to be making a black coat. Instead this morning I have
-rehemmed a frock
-taken apart the orange wool Cranach frock preparatory to magic expando treatment.
-done another tidy up and weeding out of clothes. I have piles of stuff for offering to people, for future refashioning(this one is still probably too big), for charity, for reclaiming buttons etc.
-convinced myself that the red velvet chaise lounge of sexiness will fit in the front room.
-washed a bunch of woolens
-hung some of the musty old clothes out in the wind.- which just had to be taken in from the rain.

I say again- does anybody want a click/clack steel sofa bed frame?

Now will I continue to potter or look at this coat? I do need to tidy up after creating havoc in the dressing room.

A little later- I just fixed the front door!! The beautiful new screen door would not lock. My house shifts, maybe i can blame the earthquake we had a while ago- was that before or after the doors were installed? I could check via LJ. Anyway,  I inserted some thin bits of wood behind the lock plate to bring it out from the frame a bit. The door now locks just fine- yay!

YES- there was an earthquake in Melb on March 6th- after the doors were installed. So I can blame that for the door not locking- whether it was really the cause or not.


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