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( Jun. 21st, 2008 12:40 pm)
In the last twelve hours or so, stuff of import has come to light.

-Brother asked last night whether I would like to be an Auntie? Yes, sister-in-law is in the family way. Woo-ho! how excitement. Apparently she has been beside herself with worry that it would not go well. They had the first scan yesterday, thus they are willing to tell. Yay. I foolishly forgot to ask if he had told Mama yet. So I have to avoid talking to her until I know. If she doesn't know, someone would be in trouble whether I say anything about it or not. If bub is born when due, twill share a birthday with [personal profile] tenbears.

-I got a letter claiming that I owe the tax department over 2grand and they have begun proceedings with a credit company to get the money. This is a worry because I have paid last year's tax and have no idea what this is about. They say "activity statement debt", that sounds like a business thing to me? weird. I can't call them until Monday so I shall try to to stress about it now.

-Brother has also announced that the only time they can spend more than a weekend with me on this trip is while the current plan has me in England. Doh. Maybe there is a reason I have not organised train tickets etc ? I think I am about to try to rearrange my plans- would mean missing R+J, sad.  Need to write to lots of people, well three lots.

-I just pruned the roses. I even used the pruning saw given to me by two lovely people who I don't see often enough. Cut away some of the old wood to reshape and hopefully rejuvenate them. It was rather fun, I like the snippity snip.

now my back needs a rest which I am struggling to give it. Want to do stuff.


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