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( Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:54 am)
I just had a good laugh. I checked the weather forecast "possible thunderstorms this morning". Aha, I thought. I'll go and water the garden to increase the likelihood of rain. 1.5 watering cans later, big heavy drops of rain fell. Laugh. but now they have stopped, bother. I'd better go finish the job by hand.

My mystery curcubit has started to fruit. I think I am growing Kent (or Jap) pumpkins. Picture below off the net of grown ones. Mine are only a few cm across at the moment, barely pumpkins at all. The leaves are variagated because the pumpkins are- or the other way around. Lots of lovely strong seedlings sprouted out of the compost in late Nov. I thought I would let one live out of curiosity. It has been fun watching it grow. Must be strong, all those 40+ days did not kill it. It is now threatening to take over the whole back yard. I nearly cut it back but the bits with pumpkins on are out near the ends-growing over the concrete. I shall be at risk of driving over my pumpkins.

In other news- foot feels noticeably better today. I can walk a bit more normally. YAY. There has been some clickage and shifting. Yes there is bruising but it would not be suprising if the squashing also put a few things out of place. I will be brave soon and shift the car to the yard.



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