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( May. 21st, 2009 12:45 pm)
I am still unwell in a low level way. Have been since Sunday. So I am at home, working* but trying to get maximum fluids into myself- chicken soup, soluble aspirin *,* coffee, oh and even some water. Last glass of water was found by the budgie before I drank it- much excited splashing ensued. I then got a fresh glass for me and am insisting budge stays in the warm loungeroom until he dries.

When I had the flu shot a few weeks ago- they said if I did get sick, it would likely be less severe and pass quicker. So maybe I would have raging bronchitis if I hadn't had the shot? or maybe I would be well?

F4 peeps- I don't think I can sing tonight, more's the pity.

*well, for another hour or so anyway
**why does panadol make me feel vaguely unwell?
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( May. 7th, 2009 09:59 am)
In theory I am working from home but there doesn't seem to be much working happening. I have stayed home from work today after sneezing and being all stuffy for 3 days. Today I am less snotty, yay! but have very little brain. I obviously should have made the call to stay home earlier in the week

I will perhaps try to get the one urgent action done, participate in a telecon this afternoon and let that be it?

Hopefully I will be even more well tomorrow- I have meetings/training/farewell lunch booked back to back all day.
I am feeling slightly better. Still need to go sit down more than usual though. Yesterday I was all dizzy and shaky in the morning so though I turned up, I did not contribute at all to the pizza oven building at [livejournal.com profile] doushkasmum  and [livejournal.com profile] sacred_chao  abode. By afternoon I had improved enough to manage some pruning and weeding activities in their front yard. So the rosemary bush* looks healthily growing rather than half dead.  I also knitted the first 10 or so rows of an important hat. I should post more about the hat later I think. In addition I took over many dozen squeaky clean crown lager bottles. I collected and cleaned these about 3yrs ago thinking I might do some brewing. Well, brewing has not managed to squeeze itself onto my active list so the bottles go to [livejournal.com profile] doushkasmum  who is brewing enough to run out of bottles. Yay, they get used, they are out of my house and I might get to drink some of the eventual contents.

I stayed home this morning swearing that I would actually paint something! Well I did but it wasn't bathroom proper yet. I painted the chest of 8 drawers instead. Frustrating, I keep finding more prep that needs doing before walls and architraves can be painted. So I applied more spackle this morning and then had to wait for it to dry before sanding etc. Hence the painting of the drawers, they could be done while the latest lot of spackle dried. Somewhat later and I now have sanded spackle , a door stripped of fittings and I think I can actually paint that bit!

I am being amused by the colour for the walls. They have been asking to be painted a soft pale pinky beige. Sort of an echo of the terracotta floor tiles but vastly paler. I went through the paint charts in the house and the winner was called..."Pantaloon"! how sweet. I swear I did not pick it for the name but as the best choice of all the pale pinky beige options, really. What is now amusing me further is that the drawers were not painted in Pantaloon colour, what a pity. The drawers are "Whisper white"  **, chosen to match the new cupboards.

Now I have to decide whether I will go to catch the last hour of Irish or paint a door before going off to my visiting appointment this evening. I had meant to go to the full session of Irish today but the way I am feeling, 3hrs of solid exercise would be way too much.

*that I feel somewhat responsible for as it came out of my garden

**which name is amusing in itself given the regular contents of these drawers
deary me. thank someone upstairs that it is finally friday night. I went back to the office on Tues and haven't had chance to read LJ since until now. Tues and Wed I was fool enough to attend low key social engagements. Thurs I felt like death warmed up and flaked out just after I got in the back door. still have cold symptoms, two weeks now. blergh. and I am supposed to help build a pizza oven tomorrow, not sure how much use I will be- anything I should bring to assist doushkasmum? sacred_chao?. At least the weather is supposed to be warm, that will be nice. sleep soon.
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 05:24 pm)
if you have a cold with attendant sore nose...and are silly enough to also play about with plasterboard and spackle....DON'T rub your nose! ouch. I suppose plasterboard has lime or some such in it. Sort of like doing ill advised things with fingers covered in chilli residue.

I do hope Bash went well today. I am sad to not have gone. The weather was fan-jolly-tastic.

It sounds odd to be writing of reno work while claiming to be too ill for Bash. However I have only enough energy to be upright for about 20min at a time. I didn't want to get halfway to bash and then come over all woozy, or breathe on people and pass this unpleasantness on. So I rest on the couch until I am bored, then go do bits of useful things until I need to recline again. In ~20min bursts with 30-60min rest in between I have:

-been to the local hardware, bought butterfly screw things and paint
-put up the towel rail in it's new spot, about 15cm from it's old one, how exciting. One side went really well. The other was a bother as there was not enough hole to use the butterfly thing and not enough wood for a normal screw. Might try again  later with one of those plastic plasterboard screw things.
-drilled holes for the toilet roll holder and guest towel ring. Need to paint before I can put them up.*
-taken down the luggage rack in the kitchen- and was forceably reminded of the hole in the wall it was hiding
-filled said hole by carving up a bit of plasterboard
-spackled old holes etc. Spackling is fun. It mixes up like icing then you get to trowel it into all those holes. Rather satisfying.

So my aim from here is to get the painting of the bathroom done over the next few weeks so the new cupboards can go in rather than cluttering up the dining room.  No energy left for that today. Now i really need couch time.

* I suspect this is not the recommended order of operation. I just wanted to do my drawing on the wall etc before the pretty new paint went up.
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( Oct. 4th, 2008 09:18 am)
right, I am finally convinced that I am sick rather than hayfever ridden. Only a bit sick but enough that I feel I ought to have a couch day rather than running about. I was contemplating painting bits of bathroom or installing towel rails or shifting furniture but these things are likely not a good idea. I would probably do something dumb and/or ugly and then run out of energy just after I started. So I might target low level tasks like the mending pile. Hmm, actually do some sewing? About time. Also finish reading "Chalice", kindly lent to me by[livejournal.com profile] doushkasmum  and lovely so far.

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( Oct. 3rd, 2008 10:03 am)
I really am turning into my Mother. the first sign of a cold or so and she would lose her voice. Well it's happening to me now. I have had a sore throat and cough all week. Last night i made the mistake of spending the evening singing. Well, I now the voice is croaky and cracking. I am at home supposedly working but have spent over two hours trying to get my internet to work. Running out of data allowance just as one needs to work from home is not convenient. I have upped my account now but getting enough connection to make that happen was not easy. I think I am back on broadband now, whew.

I really do need to get some work out today but fingers crossed maybe can rest a bit this arvo. shortly  there will be an apple eaten in the sun whilst looking at flowers.
1. have cold- woke with sore throat and congestion, still have it. About to try and combat with honey+lemon+brandy. I was so pleased for there to be a plan of singing and dinner on my birthday. Now I might not be able to sing. Hopefully it will be a one day lurgy like Mr G's. fingers crossed

2. work is .. well what can I say. Another week of 11hr days coming- suprise- I have but scratched the surface of what has NOT be covered while I was away. This always happens, I should not be suprised. Whenever one of us is away, the others have to do 1.3-2 jobs. One is more than enough by itself and without crises of which we usually seem to have several. Hmm, is it a crisis when they are always happening? I am trying to play this down at work 'cause the lady who has been covering me is so stressed that she is going to the doctor tomorrow to see why she is getting chest pain, no joke. She (and the rest of us) is hoping this is muscular and stress based rather than anything more serious. I don't want her more stressed but I do need to deal with the work, my own stress response to it and try to adequately describe this situation to my new boss. I want to point out the system problem, not a person problem.  Management is never very keen to hear they are short of staff.

3. Yes I am marginally thinner than before the Scotland trip. This is good. Sadly not thin enough to fit into my court frocks though. The orange Cranach and the red Durer are still too close in the shoulder to wear. I can at least get them on now but they really are too small. Sob. No way I could wear them for an evening. I could maybe have a go at wearing the old Holbein frock. it at least has no shoulder constraint. It is too small in the body but at least it laces down both sides.  So I will give it a bit of a sponge down and review for needed mending. Otherwise I have only the 14thC stuff, really nice but i don't think of it as court wear. Fatty boombah lapsed frockmaker that I am :(   The consequences of prioritising pre-spring gardening above frocking become clear. Those plants had jolly better do well I say!

Bizarre then that I am feeling marginally more cheerful than I have for the last few days.

slightly less sick. Haven't taken sudafed for a whole day. Still coughing and snotty but the voice is emerging.

New back door has been hung -three times. I think it is going to stay there now? Dad has deciphered the new lock and is busy making holes in the door for it to be mounted in. The kitchen keeps getting covered in layers of dust, dirt, sawdust. it is a fight to make a clean space to prepare food.

I am hopeful of making it into the office tomorrow. Not sure I am really well enough but how long does one have to stay home for just a cold thing? Besides, our department is going out to lunch and I have a remodelled ring to pick up from the jeweller near work.

To add insult to the injury I(this cold) have dealt my collegues,  I have 3 days annual leave booked for wed-Fri this week. Wonder if I can still take this? Supposedly I will take the folks away somewhere, that might not happen either. 

I did take Mum to Darncheap yesterday. Should not really have gone, that little excursion used up my day's energy quotient. They are moving to South Melbourne, less convenient to me but at least they will still be around. They are in clearance mode. Some stuff is very reduced but not the better fabrics, silk, wool etc. I bought some bits:
-green rayon lining- best kind
-pretty silk/cotton voile with tracery of angular grey/brown/black roses on it
-fine dark brown tartan wool -lovely-for work skirt/pants
-thread and zips- habby was 20% off but all white and black thread had gone.

so someone please tell us housebound types how the tavern feast went??
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( Apr. 7th, 2008 11:40 pm)
I was feeling pretty good but tired. Then I made the mistake of going to bed. After coughing solidly for a couple hours I gave in and got up again. I don't cough anywhere near so much when upright. I don't remember having an illness before that stopped me from lying down. Usually they make me lie down. Wonder how long I will stay up?

I suppose that on little sleep, coughing lots and with no voice, it would be rather silly to go to a meeting in town tomorrow? Yes? I rather thought so. Pity, because I would have got to meet one of my new counterparts in another company and been fed lovely lunch.  I really want to go and have only been able to convince myself I shouldn't by picturing someone else attending in this state. No, it would not be good.

I am also distressed because I am supposed to be catching up tomorrow with friends I haven't seen for over a year who are here from the US. We haven't finalised arrangements and I have so little voice I can't reasonably make a phone call. I hope they read their email. Suppose I can text them in the morning.

update- an hour later and I have applied the silk facing tape to the neck and sides of the new frock. Also found another 16cm of hem by dint of assembling one slim gore from the scraps. I think I will inset this at centre back. Not now though. No cutting fabric after 10pm. Well I already broke that rule but I am sure not cutting up the middle of the dress after midnight. Ah, I broke the other rule too (no operating heavy machinery after midnight). I shall finish my hot drink and then experiment with lying down again.
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( Apr. 6th, 2008 07:49 am)
cessation of daylight saving + head full of goo = being up at 5:30am. So either I will have a long day or some napping later.

I much prefer the British term of "Summertime", more elegant don't you think? Fits in a sentence much better. Maybe I should just start using it and see if I can lead by example.  Anyway it is going to be a shock to see it dark at 6:30 tonight. We are back in coming home from work in the dark territory, ick. Also-leaving work in the dark, double ick. No more enjoying the garden when I come home for several months-but hoorah for cool weather.

[personal profile] doushkasmum and[profile] sacred_chaocame over last night. It was so nice to have some company for the first time in days. I fed them dinner and they brought me a chest of drawers, nice. I am looking forward to cleaning up said drawers but that will have to wait until I have finished the "drawers" for work.  These latter advance, I constructed the linings yesterday. Today is waistbands and possibly hems.

So[profile] sacred_chao where do these drawers come from? How did you aquire them? Any idea how old they are.  'Course I could have asked that last night if I had more brain and voice.

Today I have almost no voice. This, along with previously mentioned goo means I don't think I should go to bash. It is one thing seeing people who volunteered to visit the sick. Quite another to inflict myself on all and sundry. Apparently shop keepers don't count in this? by my behaviour anyway.

Frustrating- the advent of new furniture + being at home for days means I have all sorts of plans for rearranging my house! but not enough energy to do it.

Ah well, I shall away and sew.


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