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( Dec. 8th, 2007 08:22 am)
Thanks to all who expressed shock and concern and even better, offered help. It has been a very strange time coping with this break in. Nothing happened to me physically except a fright and adrenaline rush. Not a great deal happened to my things either, though I need a new side gate. The reaction though! I was not right yesterday, shaky, couldn't settle to tasks, clipped the car against a pole. After that I decided that wielding kitchen knives was possibly not a good idea so we went and spend lots of money to make Touks feed us dinner. I did stay home and very glad I did. Thanks [personal profile] quatrefoil- I did wash all my underwear, even took the opportunity to throw away the stuff I don't actually wear. That does make me feel better. Rituals of purification are funny things but they work.  Oh, I really want a job that I can take a sick day from without there being 10 urgent things I simply must do anyway.

Too early to know how I am today. A bit better I think. The rational part of me thinks I should just be able to shrug this off but we just don't work like that. J has been most helpful. She suffered a similar shock issue a while ago. Not the same cause but because it happened at work they had trauma advice. Apparently there is physical stuff one has to recover from. Just knowing that makes me feel better.

In other and better news- I have finished the quilting on the big star quilt that I have been working on all year. Just need to bind it now, yay. Will post a pic when all finally done.


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