Yes, I have managed to pursuade myself to do some work on the coat. Whew. I have
-found the black velvet for collar and cuffs
-purchased buttons and lining- warm, deep grey silk satin with a square dot woven in- I took the advice of catchmyfancy (or E?, not sure) and bought luscious lining rather than making do for such a (hopefully) good item.
-gone through the pattern, kindly loaned by doushkasmum
-recut the side panels with a higher armhole
-recut the sleeves to fit the altered armhole
-cut out half a jacket from waste fabric to try it on.
-fiddled with the shoulder
-raised the armhole again another cm
-lowered the sleeve head
-put it aside to try on tomorrow- see if I still like it.

I could have made the pattern up as is but one of the things that I hate about modern coats is the shoulder cut. They are made to look beautiful and sleek with your arms straight by your sides. They don't make good allowance for driving, sitting with arms at a table or otherwise reaching forward or up. I will happily put up with some  wrinkles in favour of a better range of movement. I just need to finish figuring out how to achieve this.

Then I need to finish fiddling with the pattern. Likely copy it- as much to prevent me accidentally cutting it out without seam allowances as to make another. That is probably worth the pain of recutting the pattern. Less rude words overall I think.

Then I get to cut out this thing and start making it. Slow process to start. Can I have another day off do you think? Why is it Sunday night already?

In other news
- had a pleasant afternoon with splodgenoodles and 10B yesterday. Ran a private session of my "tablet weaving 101" class. Got fed yummy food in time for me to get to...
-a concert- really enjoyed it. Catchmyfancy did a recital- classical/leider/opera singing and wow she is good!
-went out for yum cha for G's 21st- I so et too much.
-walked to clegs for buttons
-am trying to fight off yet more cold symptoms. Lots of it about.


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