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( May. 16th, 2009 10:19 am)
I am supposed to be making a black coat. Instead this morning I have
-rehemmed a frock
-taken apart the orange wool Cranach frock preparatory to magic expando treatment.
-done another tidy up and weeding out of clothes. I have piles of stuff for offering to people, for future refashioning(this one is still probably too big), for charity, for reclaiming buttons etc.
-convinced myself that the red velvet chaise lounge of sexiness will fit in the front room.
-washed a bunch of woolens
-hung some of the musty old clothes out in the wind.- which just had to be taken in from the rain.

I say again- does anybody want a click/clack steel sofa bed frame?

Now will I continue to potter or look at this coat? I do need to tidy up after creating havoc in the dressing room.

A little later- I just fixed the front door!! The beautiful new screen door would not lock. My house shifts, maybe i can blame the earthquake we had a while ago- was that before or after the doors were installed? I could check via LJ. Anyway,  I inserted some thin bits of wood behind the lock plate to bring it out from the frame a bit. The door now locks just fine- yay!

YES- there was an earthquake in Melb on March 6th- after the doors were installed. So I can blame that for the door not locking- whether it was really the cause or not.

Kitchen is successfully de-greened. 3coats of cream paint on, new lockable window winder installed and all door and window furniture back on. In addition
-blind is cut down to fit inside window frame and reinstalled
-blue gingham frill curtain made and installed. Bit twee but I am finding it nice for now. Matches the door curtain.
see: )

Do you like? I do, vastly prefer. The cream colour is a treat for the (my) eye. I look at it and feel relaxed, my eyes go "ahh". What a great thing.

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( Apr. 18th, 2009 10:16 am)
I sit here weary in paint spattered clothes but .... there is no green paint left in the kitchen! Hoorah! It is all covered over by the chosen cream paint, somewhat streaky but only one coat yet so only to be expected.  I was dubious during- streaky cream over dull green just looks manky but as soon as a section is fully covered then is all good. I had forgotten just how tiring painting is, holding odd poses while guiding a brush 'just so'. I was slow to start and felt really clumsy. by the end of coat one I feel I have my hand back in. Just as well though that I have to wait hours before doing the second coat. Can't leave the house because the catch is off the kitchen window. I can put the new one on as soon as second coat is dry enough.

Getting this far gives me further push to do the rest of the house eventually. Especially the dining room. That dull green paint is dark, the room is dark and has six doors in it! Yes, six. So if they all turn pale cream, the room will feel lighter, and prettier, and lovely, really. I will only do the kitchen this weekend. Might do some furniture moving to facilitate the next bit of painting though.

move furniture? a task that always blows out in scope
water front garden?
plant stuff?
more deep tidy? so slow- requires much brain power, so many decisions.
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( Apr. 17th, 2009 10:26 am)
Should have written this earlier. My focus is shifting away, to house cleaning, deep tidy, rearranging furniture. All that.

Went to festi, came home. Did lots of fun stuff during.

On the way there
-foot complained lots. Needed painkillers and lots of breaks
-visited several good friends, one that I had not seen in about a year and has a new 3wk old daughter. So good to see her. Great to spend time with R&J (even if J says rude things about blogs) and Quatrefoil in her lovely little flat.

While there
-met the new site, very pretty! Did I take pics? sadly no. It is a valley surrounded by tree covered hills, very green and lush... because it is very damp. Also warmer and more humid than I like for much of the time. My big coat did not get worn at all and much sweating was done.
-managed not to get eaten by leeches unlike most of my household
-loved seeing everyone and catching up
-sang, sewed, cooked, drank some
-loved my new black frock and bright underskirt! Really works. Yellow Durer - convinced the neckline is wrong, bother, how to fix? The revamped button frock was most useful as cool working frock.
-loved living in my little tent
-for a change was not terrified that the big feasting tent would fall down- no high winds. What a relief.
-did three stints on troll gate- rather fun. Friday was too busy to do anything but sign people in. Other two days had time for sewing and chat. Very pleasant that the two quieter days had friends of mine on duty with me, quite by accident.
-went to my first L meet in years- actually useful, productive and well run. Encouraging.
-participated in the making of two new Ls! Both also friends, one ex apprentice. Very pleased.
-Enjoyed the household children. Seemed like 16 of them but there was really only 4.
-the kitchen sink! We kept a tidier camp this year than ever before in my memory. Much nicer.

On the way home
-packed up damp tents etc.  No choice, Monday was VERY wet and the humidity was so high that everything was damp even when the sky was fine.
-raced off to see Miss A who lives locally and I have not seen in 4-5yrs? Found her, spent half an hour or so until she had to race off to work. Sad to lose connections, great to have them reformed.
-Foot was vastly better, only a few twinges and no painkillers taken
-stayed with A&P, what a pleasant evening!
-experienced a dust storm on the road- thick orange clouds, had to slow to a crawl, could not see the road let alone vehicles! Put both headlights and hazard lights on in case another driver was more brave about speed than I. Very glad it did not last long.

-vast amounts of laundry, dishes, tidying, nearly done now.
-tent walls have gone really mouldy. No suprise but I need to figure how to deal with them. Has anyone got tips? I am thinking spray bottle of bleach or somesuch. Rest of tent is fine. Maybe this is where I finally need to remake the walls?

Interestingly I have arrived home wanting to make the house nice, rather than wanting to frock. Probably because I have been frocking for months and doing almost no housework. I want a deep tidy, furniture moved, painting and decorating plans finished. Spent much of the trip home planning this in my head. I'll spend a bit of time on this before I need to frock for midwinter.
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( Feb. 28th, 2009 12:15 pm)
The nice man came! I have screen doors! I have snick locks! it's all fantastic!


Now both main doors are open and lovely air is flowing through the house.


I just put these bricks here for storage. Twasn't as hard as it would have been if my neighbour hadn't helped. She wanted them out of her garden, I want a brick front path eventually. We are both now slightly happier and more tired.

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( Dec. 9th, 2008 08:23 pm)
the house is quiet. I am just home from delivering parents to the airport. Too late, too tired for crafthall.  Quiet house, mental space. 

Twas lovely to have them here and much got done but a couple of days to myself will be good. Well, the hours I'm not at work anyway. Given I only have a 3.5day week, those few days will need to be long.

Bathroom is 'finished' -hoorah. Tiling, hinged mirror etc.
New frames for ordered security doors, front and back
doona in back ceiling
whirlygig on roof
cutwork corners on back verandah
front gate post restabilised.
Opener installed on front door fanlight. Wind can't blow it in now, another instance of that and I would likely lose the leadlight.
Stopper installed so back door does not beat itself up when swinging open
Sewing room rearranged
Goodly amount of house tidying done- Mum made me, not such a bad thing.

All good. Now I need to find enthusiasm for this weekend's mammoth party trip
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( Nov. 9th, 2008 09:38 pm)
Finally! the bathroom cupboards are installed. Not photo-worthy yet, not until stuff is hidden/tidied away into said cupboards. Whew, hard work but worth it. Looks good, still feels airy even though there is more furniture. Tired now. The generous [info]erudito  came twice today to help lift and/or hold things. Second time he got fed dinner in appreciation. I could tell you about the screws that were too short, or the way the wing screws didn't work first time 'cause I had them around the wrong way, then they were too short anyway so I had to go buy bigger ones...but I don't think that's necessary.

Now to go use my lovely new bathroom. I have a mirror! I can see what I am doing when flossing my teeth! I have a shelf to put the floss on! Well, I think it's exciting. I'd better, having spent weeks getting to this point.

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( Nov. 8th, 2008 06:08 pm)
I have been promising myself new screen doors for Christmas. Given the date it is now urgent I make a decision so I can get an order in pronto. Of course I want nice ones. The problem is in defining what "nice" means. There is lots of choice and lots of prices. I had been vaguely intending to get the same for both front and back doors. This is being difficult as the doors and situations are different. At the moment, the left hand door is front runner for the front door - in pale cream. The right one, in black for the back door. I may yet change my mind.


Erudito was kind enough to come over this morning and lift cupboards while I drew on the wall. Now I think I have found the necessary studs in wall (wooden house frame to fix to) and am otherwise prepped to finish off so hopefully he can come again tomorrow for more cupboard holding in between me drilling holes in things.

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( Nov. 1st, 2008 08:40 am)
My big question for today: will I be brave enough to wield an angle-grinder for the first time? Various metal things for the bathroom need editing and I haven't the strength or patience to do it with a hacksaw. Is it stupid to also cut wooden things with an angle-grinder?

First I need to finish waking up. Then I will measure and mark the cut lines carefully. Then find clamps, goggles etc. Both hands on the anglegrinder... We will see.

It is late for me to be still waking up. I went to bed early-first time for weeks. Then got a call from [livejournal.com profile] giddyaunt , a lovely thing, and still within the bounds of "a reasonable hour". Then work rang with a big issue in one of my ports which kept me up till past midnight. Not my fault and I can't fix it but that doesn't stop me feeling sick-guilty. Really hard to sleep in that state. I am on tenterhooks waiting for the call that says all OK now.

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( Oct. 26th, 2008 05:34 pm)

So, I think I do like the bathroom walls after all now I have things attached to the wall again. A very soft look:

and I am seriously amused to realise that these are almost exactly the same colours I chose when redecorating my bedroom at age 15.

and here are my new geraniums. I must be having a pale pink phase. What does that mean?

now I need to put my feet up and think about dinner.

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( Oct. 26th, 2008 09:26 am)
Coat one went on the bathroom walls yesterday. The process was less painful than I feared. The new edger pad tool was fantastic-when the bit being painted was within arms reach. Not so accurate at the end of a pole. So I have made a bit of a mess of the cornices, pretty good for the rest except where I missed bits of wall. Still that is what a second coat is for- to cover the bits you missed last time. I can touch up the cornices after. Now the hard bit is that I am not sure I like the colour. It looks much more pink than I thought it would. eek? Actually it is a colour I really like, just wasn't imagining the bathroom quite so pink. I shall do the second coat anyway and then see what it looks like with the wooden blinds back and the floor tiles exposed. Nearly anything looks horrid next to the urk coloured drop sheets. Lots more of the wall will be covered up too with towels and cupboards etc when finished so perhaps the effect will be dampened, here's hoping.

Need to get second coffee down me first so I can do the coat in one go.

second coat on. Still suspending judgement about the colour.  Only used shy of a third of the 4L paint. Wonder what else could be painted almost pink?

Really want a shower but bathroom full of fumes. I'd better find something else grotty to do before the bathroom is habitable. Maybe I can dig out the rubbish from the front wall "planter" space so I can put the new geraniums in.

Even Later:
-wall dug out, refilled with potting mix,  geraniums planted in. Looks fab. Now hoping they grow.
-sad looking red geranium seedling potted up, fingers crossed
-new "apollo" tomato planted

Will the sky do some watering in please?
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( Oct. 24th, 2008 09:24 pm)
friday. is good. might actually make early night?

have bought widget wot might solve how to paint above bath safely. plan to experiment tomorrow when brain present. paint pad edger thing wot fits ona pole, never heard of prior tonight's hardware mission. will see.

hot chocolate, bed.
Yay for doingness. I finished my today list! Kitchen is reclaimed. Bathroom trim all pale cream now, lovely. I find it restful to the eye. New lockable window winders installed. One rather bodgily but functional. During this bodgy installation I had an amusing moment- needed to drill holes over my head- needed position was perfect for all the sawdust generated to fall straight into my cleavage. Not comfortable but pretty funny.

Still plenty more painting and suchlike to do but no more today. I sit here with tired arms trying to decide whether I like red wind spritzers.
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( Oct. 19th, 2008 10:09 am)
well, I have managed third (final!) coat on door and some architraves. Looks pretty jolly good I reckon. Door furniture is back on, whew- this means it is now safe to visit me if you like a closed bathroom door. Also it means robe hooks, hoorah! I find it unreasonably irritating not to have one of these when I need one.

Also this morning I have embarked on painting the other bathroom window. This is a "spend all day at home" job as I want three coats and can't close or lock the window while I am at it. It is also remarkable fiddly and half done up a ladder. Though I seem to finally be learning to cut in paint better, this counts as a very good thing.

So my revised list for the rest of today
- one, two more coats on the window
-install 2 new security window winders
-tidy kitchen- even managed to wash the floor!!
-move dresser to place in the newly painted corner
-install it's doors and start putting stuff on it
-rest enough that I can manage to finish this list. Apparently so

If I have excess energy - or to be done another time
-cut down 8 drawer knob screws to size. Then I can assemble the drawers I painted last weekend.
-paint bathroom walls except unfinished washing machine corner
-install loo paper holder- now this I am looking forward to, isn't my life exciting?
-install cupboards and luggage rack in bathroom

finishing the kitchen painting will be a later project.

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( Oct. 18th, 2008 09:45 am)
second coat done on bathroom door and architraves. Yay!

conclusions drawn:
-there needs to be a third coat, boo. That changes my view of how much I can do this weekend. Esp given I have two social engagements today.
-I'm not a great painter, particularly of skirting boards

In other news- I have given up trying to find a home for my pot of rosemary*- so I have just planted it in a corner of  the herb garden. Looks cute there and I tend not to grow anything else in that corner. It will make shade for the dirt behind it and maybe help the new sage from A to grow. I read that sage and rosemary are companion plants.

*claimed from a year old layering of the monster bush in my front yard.
I am feeling slightly better. Still need to go sit down more than usual though. Yesterday I was all dizzy and shaky in the morning so though I turned up, I did not contribute at all to the pizza oven building at [livejournal.com profile] doushkasmum  and [livejournal.com profile] sacred_chao  abode. By afternoon I had improved enough to manage some pruning and weeding activities in their front yard. So the rosemary bush* looks healthily growing rather than half dead.  I also knitted the first 10 or so rows of an important hat. I should post more about the hat later I think. In addition I took over many dozen squeaky clean crown lager bottles. I collected and cleaned these about 3yrs ago thinking I might do some brewing. Well, brewing has not managed to squeeze itself onto my active list so the bottles go to [livejournal.com profile] doushkasmum  who is brewing enough to run out of bottles. Yay, they get used, they are out of my house and I might get to drink some of the eventual contents.

I stayed home this morning swearing that I would actually paint something! Well I did but it wasn't bathroom proper yet. I painted the chest of 8 drawers instead. Frustrating, I keep finding more prep that needs doing before walls and architraves can be painted. So I applied more spackle this morning and then had to wait for it to dry before sanding etc. Hence the painting of the drawers, they could be done while the latest lot of spackle dried. Somewhat later and I now have sanded spackle , a door stripped of fittings and I think I can actually paint that bit!

I am being amused by the colour for the walls. They have been asking to be painted a soft pale pinky beige. Sort of an echo of the terracotta floor tiles but vastly paler. I went through the paint charts in the house and the winner was called..."Pantaloon"! how sweet. I swear I did not pick it for the name but as the best choice of all the pale pinky beige options, really. What is now amusing me further is that the drawers were not painted in Pantaloon colour, what a pity. The drawers are "Whisper white"  **, chosen to match the new cupboards.

Now I have to decide whether I will go to catch the last hour of Irish or paint a door before going off to my visiting appointment this evening. I had meant to go to the full session of Irish today but the way I am feeling, 3hrs of solid exercise would be way too much.

*that I feel somewhat responsible for as it came out of my garden

**which name is amusing in itself given the regular contents of these drawers
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( Oct. 6th, 2008 07:07 pm)
Now you see it

Now you (almost) don't

I'm rather pleased. Note the wall is white rather than grey- hard to take a good picture of a white wall.

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( Oct. 5th, 2008 05:24 pm)
if you have a cold with attendant sore nose...and are silly enough to also play about with plasterboard and spackle....DON'T rub your nose! ouch. I suppose plasterboard has lime or some such in it. Sort of like doing ill advised things with fingers covered in chilli residue.

I do hope Bash went well today. I am sad to not have gone. The weather was fan-jolly-tastic.

It sounds odd to be writing of reno work while claiming to be too ill for Bash. However I have only enough energy to be upright for about 20min at a time. I didn't want to get halfway to bash and then come over all woozy, or breathe on people and pass this unpleasantness on. So I rest on the couch until I am bored, then go do bits of useful things until I need to recline again. In ~20min bursts with 30-60min rest in between I have:

-been to the local hardware, bought butterfly screw things and paint
-put up the towel rail in it's new spot, about 15cm from it's old one, how exciting. One side went really well. The other was a bother as there was not enough hole to use the butterfly thing and not enough wood for a normal screw. Might try again  later with one of those plastic plasterboard screw things.
-drilled holes for the toilet roll holder and guest towel ring. Need to paint before I can put them up.*
-taken down the luggage rack in the kitchen- and was forceably reminded of the hole in the wall it was hiding
-filled said hole by carving up a bit of plasterboard
-spackled old holes etc. Spackling is fun. It mixes up like icing then you get to trowel it into all those holes. Rather satisfying.

So my aim from here is to get the painting of the bathroom done over the next few weeks so the new cupboards can go in rather than cluttering up the dining room.  No energy left for that today. Now i really need couch time.

* I suspect this is not the recommended order of operation. I just wanted to do my drawing on the wall etc before the pretty new paint went up.
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( Sep. 28th, 2008 03:33 pm)
See, I said I was going to come up with a better version of the bell pull assembly. It is much prettier now and the cord works better than the old wire (just as R said it would). Welcome serendipity, the random sized hole I drilled in the wall turned out to be the perfect size to jam an eyelet into to both help the string move smoothly and make the hole look like it is meant to be there.

Doesn't this look inviting? Do you like the tassel? I couldn't resist though I don't know how long it will last.



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