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( Feb. 15th, 2009 03:31 pm)
I have big pikey trousers on today. Well actually I am wearing a skirt. However I said I would go dancing this afternoon. I didn't 'cause amongst the pikey thoughts I wanted to finish this:

This is the pieced top for a cot quilt for my nephing- weeT. NOT easy to get all the 156 little squares in the right places! I swear I spent as much time unpicking as I did sewing. Unpicking is slower of course.  One wrong bit I didn't find until I thought I had finished, set it up for the photo, looked through the camera...and then said bad words. Deep breath, more unpicking and it is now finally done.  Next is to layer it up with fluffy stuff and backing for the actual quilting process.

So, what do you think? Does it look appropriately masculine even though it includes chopped up sunflowers?

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( Mar. 24th, 2008 09:23 pm)

Finished today is the quilt for [personal profile] monstah and son. I am very pleased with it, do you like?  Must arrange delivery this week.

I have been reading LJ this Easter weekend but strangely posting less than usual. I had been meaning to post my trouser progress but have had much less spare time than I expected. More socialising and less sewing. I have had many lovely occasions to catch up with people. Today there was pleasant sewing fest at my place. Thanks ladies, twas fun.

Aside from finishing the quilt I have managed to cut and mostly assemble three pairs of dress pants for work. Now I need to cut and assemble the linings before I can go further. Oh joy, three lots of slithery fabric to manage, eek. Fully lined trousers are worth the drama though, oh so nice to wear.

Tomorrow I have the bonus of another day off. I plan to shop in town with friend J. Wonder what we will find to buy? or at least look at. Need new hosiery at least. I know we will also definitely purchase several cups of coffee and some (hopefully) yummy food. Shop till we drop? or until we can carry no more? I have experience with both of these options. I suspect the former tomorrow but the latter is a possibility. Then yet more socialising to farewell the extended long weekend.

Hope all have had a good easter. I look forward to all the festi stories when the wanderers return

It is old news that I finished the quilt that was my major project last year. However I had never posted pics due to the camera stealing burglar. So finally here for my readers is my big star quilt!.  The quilting is my own desigh, the piecing is heavily based on Cecile Whatman's Aurora quilt. I added the border but the design is otherwise hers. Colours are brighter though.1400 bits of fabric and a year's work. Machine pieced, hand quilted. Fabrics are part scrap and part purchased. Colours and fabrics themed by a beautiful blowsy rose print that forms part of the brown stars. You can see part of this in the detail below:

And here she is in use. Lovely to sleep under. The batting is 60%wool, 40% poly. I think I want to use wool/cotton for my next major quilt. Won't be starting that any time real soon. Want to make other stuff and need time for variety. Also to carefully consider what the next big quilt will be. Committing to a year's labour is a bit of a big deal. Meantime I plan to start the quilting this morning for the baby quilt that has been layered and waiting for a week or so. Plan's for the pattern of the quilting have been gelling in my head. I now have a plan, hoorah for a plan.

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( Jan. 13th, 2008 05:35 pm)
Whew. I have finally managed to have a productive day at home. Stuff done=lots.
Things I have done today:
-cut and pieced a quilt top for baby Monstah.  Not the most urgent sewing I have on the list but It has been scratching at the inside of my head trying to get out.
- Bought tomato stakes
-washed the car, it looks so much better. Still a bit crumpled but redder and shinier. Before anyone complains, I did it with left over bathwater.
-planted the freesia pills that I collected in early summer. Fingers crossed they grow.
-emptied all the dead plant pots. Much less depressing
-weeded and watered the front garden
-repotted two trailing blue flowered plants, one bought on sale today.
-three loads of laundry
-changed the bedsheets

Socialising = zero, except LJ contact. That is fine though 'cause yesterday was almost all socialising.

Things I still need to do-some of which will likely overflow to Monday.
-make dinner
-restake the poor drooping black-russian tomato.
-fill the bin again.
-gird my whatsits to do some actual dressmaking. I need clothes more than more quilts
Spent the weekend feeling rather distressed in a post burglary sort of way. Did some good stuff though. Had dinner in town with friends D and J. Spent hours listening to very expensive but fabulous live Handel opera!!! No countertenors which was disappointing but some fantastic contraltos, most impressed. Far less eye candy for a girl than the previous week's Don Giovani featuring the beautiful Teddy.  Sunday spent time with S who I don't see often enough. Lovely to see her. Then headed over to help L and P do some weeding. Well I did weed some but the company was fab.

My big achievement for Saturday was that I finished the big star quilt!!! It took almost a year to do. Probably a full year if you count the fabric selection part which was done almost a year earlier I think. Anyway, I started cutting this after boxing day last year. All done, all 1400 pieces and hand quilting of it. I will post a pic after I get my camera replaced. Gee I miss it.

Feeling rather better as the week progresses which is great. Have the tree up now, another weekend achievement. Feeling a bit more organised about Chrissie shopping but as usual a bit stressed about where to draw the line. Just how many people am I giving pressies to? Very pleased however that I managed to actually send a few Chrissie cards this year.  Oh dear, writing this here, hope nobody gets offended if they don't receive one? Note it is a minor miracle that I wrote any!

Doing a rather needed load of laundry, how exciting. Couldn't face it on the weekend. Feels good to be achieving something on a week night though, tis somewhat of a rare occurrence.

having a bit of a dither about what to cook for Chrissie dinner, never done this before. Menu is taking shape, have to brave the grocery shop at some point, I have been putting that off for many weeks.  No idea what is for dinner tonight. Something alla pantry I suppose. I shall go and see what I can find. Dinner can get a bit bizarre when grocery avoidance has been going on.
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( Dec. 8th, 2007 08:22 am)
Thanks to all who expressed shock and concern and even better, offered help. It has been a very strange time coping with this break in. Nothing happened to me physically except a fright and adrenaline rush. Not a great deal happened to my things either, though I need a new side gate. The reaction though! I was not right yesterday, shaky, couldn't settle to tasks, clipped the car against a pole. After that I decided that wielding kitchen knives was possibly not a good idea so we went and spend lots of money to make Touks feed us dinner. I did stay home and very glad I did. Thanks [personal profile] quatrefoil- I did wash all my underwear, even took the opportunity to throw away the stuff I don't actually wear. That does make me feel better. Rituals of purification are funny things but they work.  Oh, I really want a job that I can take a sick day from without there being 10 urgent things I simply must do anyway.

Too early to know how I am today. A bit better I think. The rational part of me thinks I should just be able to shrug this off but we just don't work like that. J has been most helpful. She suffered a similar shock issue a while ago. Not the same cause but because it happened at work they had trauma advice. Apparently there is physical stuff one has to recover from. Just knowing that makes me feel better.

In other and better news- I have finished the quilting on the big star quilt that I have been working on all year. Just need to bind it now, yay. Will post a pic when all finally done.


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