Nearly every time I have a 'party' I am ready ages early and batting about the house, fidgety but tired from running about.  So there are guests coming for dinner in half an hour but the spuds are cooked already, I have turned the roast down in the hope it won't end up overdone, all else can't be worked on yet. Desert is in the freezer.  Maybe I just need to throw more parties so I can get the timing right.

Being ready early can also lead to being tipsy before the guests arrive! though not when the parents are here monitoring my alcohol consumption.

I could do more tidying but I have got to that stage where to tidy further would make mess before deep tidy can be achieved.
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( Nov. 20th, 2008 08:41 pm)
busy few days with no LJ, pout. However.... the job application went in on time. I have at least 2 competitors, wish I knew who the second one is. Whatever, not the end of world if I don't get it. If numbers of well-wishers counts, I'd be a shoe in. Ta for all the good luck messages.

In other, more certain and  immediately relevant news: 
-I have freshly trimmed hair, with a surprise point no less!
-I have decided on and altered a frock
-to wear to R's annual cocktail party!!!, to which I am going!!!! If you know what and where this is and are going too- I look forward to seeing you there.
-because of this I am NOT working tomorrow!! YAY, 3 day weekend!.

I refuse to apologise for the number of exclamation marks in this post.

and I am liking this new style I am trialing for my journal. One day I might learn how to design my own. Would probably end up somewhere between this one and the previous trial. Parchmenty with a dark border and a bit of detailing and pretty fonts. Sort of elegant, readable steampunk. There are several pretend handwritten styles but I don't find them terribly usable.
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 08:20 pm)

Budgie likes champagne. I found him thus during prep for last night's party, all fluffed up and pleased. I don't know how much he drank.

Thank you to all who came, I did enjoy the party. We chatted and drank and fed each other lovely food. All good.  The bell worked just fine. I'm still enormously pleased with it.

Ta for the flowers to [ profile] splodgenoodles . The tulips have opened up and are looking bright and impressive, the freesias are scenting the lounge room.



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