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( Jun. 15th, 2008 10:44 am)
Yesterday my back decided to be a drama queen. With no consultation or prior warning something shifted while I was looking at stuff in a big department store in the city. I felt it move, thought "oh here we go", tried to straighten up and take a step or two. It hurt so much I fell down in a faint- in the middle of the lingerie department!

This was followed by an amount of rolling about the floor trying to move with screaming pain and trying to get up. The one first aider on staff in the store happened to work in lingerie, lucky me, not that she could do much for me but she sure tried and was most supportive. By the time I managed to stand, a wheelchair with attendant security man had appeared. So I got wheeled off to the first aid room which seemed to require a tour of much of the store. I rolled about a bit more while another guy filled out his incident report. By this stage I could stand and take a couple of steps. Managed to talk them out of calling an ambulance. Friend A**, turned up and by dint of a borrowed wheelchair got us the lunch we were supposed to have earlier* the absence of which was part of the cause of the fainting. Then to a taxi, home, and a marvellous emergency osteo appointment. After that I can walk a bit and move some but it is still very painful. The joint in question is very lower back, sort of pelvis/sacrum rather than spine I think. I do wish that pain that can be caused so quickly, could as quickly be healed but no such luck.

So no new bras for me for a while. I had hoped to have new ones for going away. I was trying to find my size on the rack of rather pretty sale items when my back went out. Should I not buy sale bras? Is something telling me to save my money until I get access to Marks and Sparks in Britain? Not shop in department stores? Not bend over (maybe this one)? Work on regaining some core strength? (Maybe this one too). This latter might have to wait until I can actually move. My main aim for now is range of movement without pain, wonder how long this will take?

I was going dancing this afternoon. Not now I think. Today I shall work on getting a functioning, loaded  ipod in between bouts of lying on the floor. I shall not be undertaking any tasks that require extreme movement*** or that I cannot abandon without notice. So my inclination to turn stewed apricots into apricot sauce will be firmly quashed. Might take up some jeans for the travelling wardrobe.

*a poor substitute it was. The State Library cafe is fab. The department store cafe was limp, microwaved ham and cheese croissant.

**from out of town as well! was fabulously helpful. Big thanks to her.

***extreme movement in this case can be described as that required to don one's knickers.


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