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( Jun. 29th, 2009 03:24 pm)
Perhaps I should say what MUSIC!

I'm back home, suffering a mild case of wine flu and very, very glad I organised to have today off work. I am puttering about tidying up and putting clothes through the new washing machine. While doing so I have repeated reruns of "Zadoc the priest" running through my head.

What an ambitious piece to plan, performed live, as the processional for a wedding. It was FABULOUS. Beautiful proper pipe organ, ~9 voice choir and two trumpets to top it off. Oh so wonderful. I do hope it was all A hoped for. It was surely far more glorious than I expected. Since I got there with some of the choir members, I got to hear it not once but 3 times!

This is the church, looking back towards the main door. Very beautiful, very historic

I got some decent shots of the choir too but won't show them here.

The ceremony was lovely and both bride and groom were sweet, well spoken and well dressed. But the MUSIC! In addition to Zadoc there was some impressive piano playing from a young (~8?) nephew of the bride. Then a choral recessional. Also very pleasant incidental music from both organ and choir while we waited for the rather late bride.  Oh, and live music for dancing at the reception, by family members no less.

The other high point for me was the one dance I got at the reception. I didn't know when he asked me but the gentleman who asked me to dance turned out to be a trained ballroom dancer. I felt like an uncoordinated lump to start with but started to settle into the waltz not long before the music finished. It is SUCH a treat to dance with someone good. Wow. Now I want to do more dancing.

Besides the wedding I really enjoyed spending quality time with good friends that I don't get to see nearly often enough. So nice to reconnect. Some very notable exceptions. Just can't see everyone in one weekend unless the right parties are scheduled.

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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:48 pm)
eep!! Hesperion XXI are coming to Oz!! I have been thinking it is Waay too long since I have been to live gigs of pretty much any description. [livejournal.com profile] giddyaunt  had a brochure. Ooh how exciting. Except...They are playing in Hamer Hall- yuck, yucky, yuck. I could cry, think I nearly did. I swore I would not spend any more money and time being wildly disappointed in the HORRIBLE accoustics of that NASTY place. Dead, dead dead sound. . I have seen His Gloriousness Andreas Scholl and the goddess Kirkby there. Note I correctly said SEEN. Not you may note heard. OH, I can't wait for the new recital hall to be finished! I sat at the Scholl gig with my hands cupped behind my ears and STILL couldn't hear. Weep.

So. Jordi Savall is doing a recital at melb uni somewhere. I am trying to get a ticket to that. Though I really want to hear Monserrat Figuras sing. I could pay my $91 but still not hear her sing so I shan't.

Update- more playing with the ticket site offered up a seat in the choir stalls. I weakened. The sound might still be bad but I REALLY want to see these people. So I pays my money and I takes my chance.

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( Jul. 9th, 2008 09:59 am)
were the highlight of yesterday.
I had gone into a big art gallery but did not really feel like being there. So I wandered out and found two fantastic buskers. A young piper in full scottish rig plus a chap of african origins playing drum, together. It really worked, fabulous music. They mucked about with rythms on trad tunes, piper man did some stuff just on the chanter. It really made my day. Cheered me up in general but also made me feel better about my current policy of doing a lot of wandering around rather than tightly scheduled touristing. Then I got to see the art gallery anyway.

On the less good side, my cold is getting worse. Must get some decongestants today. I am concerned that it needs to improve before we all get cooped up together on our trip north on Friday. J is keen to avoid getting this, most understandable.

Think I will head to Holyrood today. After I do the dishes.
The plumber rang on Tues! He is supposedly turning up tomorrow morning to actually start work! Cross your fingers for me that he actually turns up, does the stuff he was asked to do, in a reasonable timeframe. Oh and doesn't find anything disasterous in the process (touch wood)

Oh my life is so exciting. I was vastly amused today, I went a bought a toilet. I have a toilet in my car, weird. Not often one has a toilet in one's car.

PF was much fun.
-There were two overseas groups that were FAB and I have never seen before, score two completely new recordings, yay.
-There were 3 (? at least) known, favourite and fabulous Aussie groups that I was delighted to hear. Two of which have new CDs!
-Also a couple of other Aussie acts that were good enough to buy CDs of. Hoorah, experiments
-lots of other acts, some great but not to my taste, some only at 60-80% of fab for various reasons. One or two that I really didn't like and many more that I didn't even get to see.

Did you pick that I was really keen to aquire some new music? My collection has been going round and round and getting a bit tired.

Had a great time with my travelling companions. We were together for some of the time but wandered off at others in various combinations. Little C (4yrs) was truly delightful, most of the time.

I came home with three souvenirs other than CDs.
-a half size french market basket, lovely
-a Howard Showers woolen argyle vest, at about 40% of original price
-a mother-of-pearl heart shaped broach
Not very folky eh? I managed to avoid all the crystals, badly made clothing, weird cheap cast jewellery. Even managed to avoid buying more knitting wool which usually happens at PF. No musical instruments made it home with me either after last year's penny whistle did not get played. I need another lifetime to take up all the stuff I am interested in, really.

It was massively hot on Sun, 39C. Strangely it didn't bother me like it usually would. I was so focussed on the music that I wasn't paying much attention. That is after having taken the usual precautions so I also did not get burnt or anything. Did get temporarily poisoned by the takeaway food a bit though. Better now. I actually enjoyed sleeping in my little tent too. All good.  J even fixed my front door after we got home. A great relief to have it close properly again.

I could go on making random comments but I should go get ready for bed instead. I need to be up and decent before the plumber arrives!


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