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( Apr. 26th, 2009 02:01 pm)
On my way to festi, I called in to Beechworth. I had never been. Am slowly calling in to various towns within easy reach of the Hume. Want some awareness of what is there given I travel it so often. Anyway, Beechworth is lovely and has many high end shops all wanting the contents of your wallet. I gave a bead shop some of mine in exchange for the carved items shown below. The rose and filligree drops are both shell. The blue stars are adventurine (whatever that is). Last Sunday I ordered the gold findings to make the bits into wearable jewellery and here is the result. I need to remake the string for the rose- it is a bit short- that is easily done. For now I need to do something more active or put the heater on, having sat for a while fiddling with pliers- I am now COLD.



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