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( Jan. 20th, 2008 12:23 pm)
I am having another Cecily moment. Indecision = have a cup of coffee.

I was going to cut out a gown this morning from the blush coloured linen. This led to pulling piece after piece of fabric out of stash to consider whether I wanted to use that instead. Shaking each piece out, seeing how much of it there is, thinking how many items I want to make out of each piece. Frustrating, I seem to want 2-3 things out of each piece of fabric. That would be OK except each thing would preclude the making of the others. Now my brain is whirling and I need to walk away to think. 

I should mention that what I am supposed to be making is a 14thC gown that I can wear in high temperatures. I don't cope at all well with the heat and thus often just don't go to events on warm days. The linen gown is fairly good for this because I can get away with wearing only one layer. I enjoyed wearing a similar gown which I gave away, sadly it was too small. However, it is a bit cheaty. The gown should really be wool and I should really wear a shirt under. However the whole point is the coolest possible outfit that still goes with one of my SCA wardrobes. On top of this, the blush colour is a warm colour to look at, also sunburn colour.

[personal profile] doushkasmum's hot weather solution is a chemise with a very fine sideless gown. So I thought a lightweight sideless could be a useful addition to my wardrobe too.

One piece of fabric at least went firmly back in the cupboard, intended for a full circle skirt. Russet and black, fine, soft, complicated check wool. It is too soft and grabby to work for a sideless.

I have a nice piece of plain weave wool from [personal profile] damned_colonial that would make up nicely as a lightweight gown- doesn't allow one layer, I would need to still do chemise. It is also not as thoroughly washable as linen. It would also be pretty as a summer Durer frock. Must choose only one. Also, it is a sort of beige colour, really needs dyeing before I do anything with it.

There is a lovely piece of plain weave summer suiting wool that would make a great sideless but I think it ought to become work trousers.

There are other great pieces of wool but they are large dress lengths, twills and thus warmer.

I also thought I might cut out a new pair of hose- but seens none of my wool offcuts are big enough, thought some were.

Then again, a few years ago I decided to set the 14thC aside for a while and focus on later period gowns-read stuff with a fitted bodice. So do I want to make more sack frocks? Oh dear.

My brain hurts. I shall go deal with a load of washing that has just finished, do the dishes and think about making lemon cordial instead.

In other news, I went Irish set dancing all day yesterday in Trentham. I had a ball, literally. I had not danced in 11mths and was out from 8am to 1:30am. Fabulous fun. This may have something to do with my indecisiveness today. It certainly has something to do with my twinging muscles!


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