I have spent most of my useful time today dealing with washing machines in one way or another. NOT what i had planned for today. Trying to make the old one work first, then figuring out which one I wanted to buy, then going and buying one. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and the old one taken away. I will be sad to see the old one go. It was the first serious house thing I ever bought and has been my (mostly) faithful servant for 17yrs. We've been through a lot together- lived in lots of houses, and or laundries, dyed fabric, dyed the wall, washed countless loads of clothes and yardage.

I am joining the ranks of front loader owners. I am somewhat keen to give this a try but am trepidacious about it after using top loaders all my life. That wash cycle length is going to be seriously annoying. I shall have to keep reminding myself of the improvement in water efficiency. Also I am truly hoping that my clothes end up incrementally cleaner.

hmm, much of tomorrow will go to washing machine issues too I suppose. Don't know when it will be delivered and then it will need to be installed and tried out of course. Hopefully I will have chance to go see sjkasabi and co in the arvo. I MUST pack for the weeding trip.

Does anyone still have a top loader? want some washing powder?
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( Feb. 21st, 2009 11:38 am)
there are noises coming from next door. Normal noises I suppose, vacuuming, odd clattering sounds, doors shutting and such but-  THIS is WIERD. My experience of living here is that no noise comes from that side neighbour. 2yrs or so of a very quiet elderly couple living there, then a year or so of them not living there- empty house. Now someone has bought the house and moved in. They have every right of course but it is so odd to hear noises from that direction. I keep thinking BURGLAR!  Haven't met him/her/them yet. They must have reasonably good taste though because they a) decided to live next to me  b) drive a red corolla- grin


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