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( Aug. 12th, 2007 08:31 am)
thank goodness I feel a bit brighter this morning. Had a slightly more active day yesterday. Nothing so extreme as exercise but I did stuff that involved more than just sitting. My head still contains more goo than is strictly necessary but it feels like brain is at home.

One of the more amusing things I did was to remake a skirt that I had constructed last weekend as this flu descended apon me. I really shouldn't sew while sick, strange things result. However the temptation is extreme as I am stuck in the house. So anyway, a very simple A line skirt shouldn't have been too hard? Well, to fix it up I needed to: unpick the zip, trim away the unsucessful stabiliser from that seam, carefully press that seam back into shape, resew that seam, oh and resew all the other seams 'cause the tension had been wrong on the overlocker, apply new stabiliser to the back seam, redo the back seam as an open pressed one so I could set the zip in it, rejig the waistband at the disturbed seams, redo the closing loop and button. The only thing I didn't touch was the hem. I shall wear this overworked article today, some of you will likely see it.

I also cut out a nightdress (pretty white cotton with a deep broiderie anglaise border)- already wish I had done about three different things in that process. I don't learn do I? Well I have in the sense that none of this was important. I have notably not cut into anything expensive or precious  <ljuser="douskasmum">  please note.


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