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( Jun. 6th, 2009 02:26 pm)

Well romance is absent so to cheer myself up I have been working on another sort of bed.

I have been thinking about this for weeks/months. So in the last couple of hours I pulled out the french lavender that refused to flower, the yellow daisy that also didn't flower enough for my liking and was occupying the place that I mean to plant a morello cherry. Also gone is the pink flowered south african thing that had gone a bit manky and the old english lavender that was slowly rotting away.

What is left? the french lavender that DOES flower and is happily on the end next to the path, the ornamental flowering plum that is settling in, this is it's 3rd winter. Also the massive old rosemary bush and an italian lavender peeking out from behind the rosemary.

I walked down the street and brought back a bag of cow manure on my trolley. Now the exposed earth has most of a bag of manure and a bag of cheap potting mix dug through it. If we are fortunate, the sky will water it all in for me.  I'll let that settle, then go buy a few plants in a week or so, yippee. If even more fortune (or possibly sun) shines on the right bit of garden bed- some queen fabiola bulbs might come up next summer.

Gardening seems to be my most reliable antidepressant these days. Besides, now I am Warm! The two side beds are languishing unworked. I STILL haven't called up fencing people. I so must.  Though it is not such a bad idea to do this in stages. I have done enough digging for one day.

Now to decide what I will put in the oven for dinner. Maybe slow bake lamb thing?  I must do groceries. I am sitting here drinking black coffee 'cause I am completely out of milk. Hopefully I will find some enthusiasm to work on my coat. I'd much rather lay out and piece the heart quilt that is waiting in the cupboard. Fickle enthusiasms? The black coat was always more of wanting the garment than wanting to make it though.


gratuitous garden pics ) 

I am just home from the big pre-coronation singing rehearsal. It was fun, we got the piece mostly together, it was great to see everyone including a couple of new people... and I finished my new linen chemise.

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( May. 24th, 2009 01:17 pm)
-There are now 9 rainbow chard seedlings planted in my garden
-I have been reading up on fruit trees. I am fantasising about my very own little orchard in the front garden. Hmm, I had best get cracking on organising those fences. My favourite nursery says the bare rooted trees start arriving in fortnight!

- I have wrestled the red velvet chaise lounge into the dressing room. It fits (barely) and looks great with the pink carpet. Now the green curtains look out of place. I am thinking the curtains should move into my bedroom BUT there are 20 lovely brass curtain rings hiding somewhere in this house. I can't find them, curses.

-there is ~12m of old carefully painted tent valance soaking in bleach. I washed it first but there was still moulding spots so I am giving bleach a go. The bleach does not seem to be attacking the paint which is good but it also doesn't seem to be attacking the mould.**

-The bodice of my orange wool cranach gown is recombobulated about 3cm wider and now fits in a circumference sense. However, the pressure on the points of my shoulders is rather higher than I think I can tolerate for long. Really I need to let the shoulders out a bit... or make a new dress? I think this means that I must call the purple gown TOO SMALL* I don't really have time to make a new gown before midwinter unless I drop everything else. I'm not really in that zone, would much rather putter about with house, garden and street clothes.

So I shall finish putting the orange back together, it should be OK for baronial swap I think given it is one evening only. Maybe I shall wear the new black Durer for the Sat, it's mildly speccy but not warm, deliberately. It was built for festi after all.

-It has taken 3 coffees to banish the fog in my brain today. I now feel reasonably awake and amazed I got so much done this morning even with a thick head. I was supposed to be cutting that black coat but I won't tackle that with said thick head.

*actually almost a relief to decide I shan't wear that. I have never been truly happy with it except the 'stomacher' which I love and could have a new gown made for it.

**old tent roof had two well sized holes ripped in it. The so called canvas now feels more like calico. I think I shall salvage the rope and throw the rest out.
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( Apr. 25th, 2009 05:23 pm)
Matters have improved since Monday night. Especially since Monday night itself but lets not go there.

Slowly getting a feel for this new job. The people are really nice, welcoming  and seem devoted to their work- I like that. . There is more accountingy sort of stuff in it that I thought, not sure I am going to enjoy that. However people say one can mould a job to oneself- I shall try to move it in more practical directions or something.

Am feeling odd. Emotionally exhausted or something. I need to get my head around the new job before I can redefine some of  who I am? If I'm not the old me, then who am I? I like to think I don't define myself by what I do for a living but that seems to not be the case. Also, spending a full week at a new desk with completely new people around me was tiring. It was like my antennae had to be up all the time, could not just settle and work, partly 'cause I didn't know what I needed to do. This will all improve over time but is probably the cause of my reclusiveness today.

I was considerably relieved that our planned harvest festival was postponed at something like the last minute. Not that I don't want to go, I DO. I just didn't want to go TODAY. Instead I have spent the day alone at home being domestic. Most unusually, I could not even bring myself to seek company for tonight. Don't have the energy to converse. Didn't really want to write this post but wanted to record something of this state of mind.

It seems I am slowly doing an (Autumn ) Spring clean. In some ways it makes sense. Want to get the house nice before I spend the winter shut up in it. One does spend more time at home during winter. As I haven't cleaned or tidied properly in a LONG time, and I live in a house that is far bigger than necessary.... there is plenty to do.

Of minor note today
-finally got brave and washed the two festi gowns (and one favourite underskirt )that needed it. Won't really know how that went until I try pressing them
-cleaned and polished the 2pairs shoes worn at fest and were rather the worse for wear
-tidied the back yard some. Including disposing of the plants that didn't make it through the summer heat.
-plant the new parsley seedlings out to the herb garden. Grown from seed and had already been potted up once
-lots of boring laundry, dishes, groceries
-some jewellery assembly. Might write more on that tomorrow.

Tonight I am cooking a monster pot of curry. I am trying to empty the freezer so I can defrost it but I keep making more stuff to put in it. Maybe tomorrow I will use the esky and go ahead to do the defrost anyway. Possibly  not the best day to pick- coldest forecast in ages. But It always seems mad to reject an impulse to actually do housework. Mostly I hate it so any actual inclination to do it must be seized or live in squalour.

Oh, and isn't it nice to be at home safe with storms going on outside? I have always liked that. Hasn't been enough proper weather lately. Go the rain!
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( Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:54 am)
I just had a good laugh. I checked the weather forecast "possible thunderstorms this morning". Aha, I thought. I'll go and water the garden to increase the likelihood of rain. 1.5 watering cans later, big heavy drops of rain fell. Laugh. but now they have stopped, bother. I'd better go finish the job by hand.

My mystery curcubit has started to fruit. I think I am growing Kent (or Jap) pumpkins. Picture below off the net of grown ones. Mine are only a few cm across at the moment, barely pumpkins at all. The leaves are variagated because the pumpkins are- or the other way around. Lots of lovely strong seedlings sprouted out of the compost in late Nov. I thought I would let one live out of curiosity. It has been fun watching it grow. Must be strong, all those 40+ days did not kill it. It is now threatening to take over the whole back yard. I nearly cut it back but the bits with pumpkins on are out near the ends-growing over the concrete. I shall be at risk of driving over my pumpkins.

In other news- foot feels noticeably better today. I can walk a bit more normally. YAY. There has been some clickage and shifting. Yes there is bruising but it would not be suprising if the squashing also put a few things out of place. I will be brave soon and shift the car to the yard.

I feel I could burst into tears any moment. I think this has something to do with the fact that my start date seems to be confirmed for the new job. So now I feel all shaky and wibbly. One consequence of this is that I dragged the side of the car against the gatepost again on the way into my back yard. Sometimes I am just a bit too delicate.

So. a couple of positive pics to show the world is not so bad

The first of the autumn crocuses growing luminously through a pile of mulch. I planted 4 lots of autumn flowering bulbs, umm, last autumn. Not suprisingly, none had flowered yet. Wonder if any of the others will. This is a meadow crocus, supposed to be hardy. certainly beautiful. The flowers are much larger than I expected, no bad thing.

Got back from Pt Fairy Monday night. House is still full of camping gear in the wrong places and lots of laundry, some washed, some not. Spent pretty much all festival working on a pair of these:

this is the black and pink remake of the Durer "walking frock" or so I dub it. Maybe i will remember to post a pic of the etching when you eventually get a pic of the finished gown. Amusingly that is a corner of sheet you see pretending to be a chemise sleeve.

Oh, my replacement at work has been announced. He starts on Monday. I actually have some confidence he will be up to the challenge. I then have two weeks leave to go to festi and start the new job after that.....Wibble. It is good, so why do I feel so feeble? relief? fear of the next thing? whatever,  I had better get over it I suppose.

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( Mar. 1st, 2009 09:34 pm)
I have had a lovely weekend. Am now trying to persuade myself not to be out of sorts 'cause it is nearly done. Next week will be busy at work and every night is committed too with Port Fairy at the end. All good but I am in a mood to not be pressured. Just got to deal.

I had a lovely time at Circa last night. Good company and most inspiring. I want to make and make and make, oh and wear.  I was sadly really too tired to enjoy it to the full. My own silly fault for working so hard during the day.

I am often amused by the collection of often unrelated things that one sees fit to purchase on a shopping trip. Today's haul:
- a pair of swimming trunks- black boy-leg bather bottoms -courtesy of a gift voucher from work
-a reel of thread (oh- L-craft really has gone down hill. My list was longer than this but they didn't stock any of it)
-a dozen grape hyacinth bulbs bought on a whim
-a seagrass laundry hamper.

I pruned a bunch of things in the front garden this morning, including cutting the burnt bits off the magnolia. Hope the heat on Tues doesn't fry them.

The black Durer is refitted, cut and I have begun assembly. I am a bit concerned about how the front closure will sit. I wanted more bust coverage but that has ended up with a sharp 135deg angle on the front edges. Odd. Still it's either give that a go, risk bust spillage or have unsupported bosums with nasty tension lines.  The upper sleeve slashings are ready to go to Port Fairy for hand work anyway.

I have pulled large amounts of gold lurex out of my old orange underskirt. This has resulted in a much more tasteful garment. Pink/yellow shot (looks orange) with yellow striped bands. I might need to rework the waistband to take away some bulk. However I end up with the warm toned underskirt that I wanted without having to spend time fabric shopping.

I spent a pleasant few hours today with a bunch of people I barely know or had just met, consuming tea and scones and chatting. Nice. Still feel a bit guilty that I didn't go to bash but I wasn't in the zone.

In looking for my old unfinished underskirt, I found two old skirts I had forgotten about. Both fine wool blends and fully lined. They are rather tight in places but with a small amount of work they could be put back into my work wardrobe. So now they are washed at least. The alterations will have to wait until after festi. The black one should be most useful. I had wondered what had happened to it. I made it once apon a time for a conference when I worked in a processing plant and was not allowed to wear skirts to work. It was such a treat back then to be able to wear a skirt for a work event.
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 08:41 am)
8:30am, 27deg outside with 44 forecast. Garden is watered, sheets and boxes strategically placed to try to shield particular plants from the sun's violent rays, some have new growth since the 40+ days last week.- that would all burn today if not protected. Fingers crossed. Fruit and roses cut and brought inside- they would crisp and burn if left out.

Interesting, the rose buds that have opened since the last baking are bleached. See the pics below. All roses off the same type of bush. They should be the bright pink but I have cream, yellow, apricot  and pale pink ones all picked this morning. Wish I got this selection of colours all the time, only with the roses looking healthy rather than wrinkled, half burnt and otherwise tortured.


I am so glad it is Saturday. I had one of those wakenings today where I thought it was a work day for a few moments, then got the relief and joy of the realisation that it is not!

Next plan is to make a curtain for the back door. Pretty indigo gingham. Well I am trying for a trad kitchen, 'twill go with all that blue and white china.

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( Jan. 31st, 2009 10:29 am)
I woke this morning to a loud crashing, tumbling sound, things falling. The hook holding a mirror above the dining mantlepiece had come away. The falling mirror had overturned a chair and broken a brass candlestick ... but the mirror is fine.

The hook was a sticky command thing- possibly a casualty of the heat.

My port-wine magnolia is definitely a casualty of the heat, see:

Somehow it doesn't look as bad in the photo as in reality. The poor thing was looking bushy, green and healthy three days ago. It got a bit burnt last year but nothing like this. Even if it doesn't finish dying from here I think I will have to shift it. It will get burnt every hot day otherwise.

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( Jan. 18th, 2009 08:53 am)
Yesterday I
-made 3 litres or so of apricot sauce- for the surveying expidition if [livejournal.com profile] sjkasabi  wants to use it. It is sweet and flavoured gently with cinnamon and lemon juice. The jam funnel that giddyaunt[livejournal.com profile] sjkasabi gave me vastly reduced the resultant stickiness of the kitchen, yay.
other stuff )[livejournal.com profile] splodgenoodles[livejournal.com profile] tenbears
Now overnight my back has decided to go out, ow. Hope it improves real fast! Bother. Doubt I will get the plumbago in the ground today as a result. It had better be OK by next weekend or there won't be any putting up of tents.

two high list things for today
-finish sewing hem- then frock will be finished
-deal with the third bag of apricots before they die.

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( Jan. 4th, 2009 11:10 am)

This made me laugh out loud, then shudder. How did this invading tendril of jasmine grow so long from up between the floorboards without me noticing? It was wound around the table leg until I disturbed it just now. I watched the film "Grey Gardens" last night- this is some of where the shudder came from. After seeing that I have been one busy little bee this morning- I'm not like them really! The film was sort of interesting but made me feel a bit ill. I will watch the documentary in a few days after I have recovered.

I broke one of my 'resolutions' today. Did gardening first. I have
-repotted the two new chinese lanterns. The idea is to get some height in them before putting them in the ground. I am concerned about them getting too much shade in winter where I want to put them
-repotted the poor old vine that I have been meaning to repot for oh, over a year I think. It looks half dead, wonder if it will recover? Eventually I want to grow it over the north fence- after the fence is replaced. If it dies I shall just plant jasmine I think.
-planted seeds for chilli, parsely, rocket. Might be the wrong time but what the hey
-cut back bits of vege things. I am planning to let one parsely and one silverbeet go properly to seed - for fun and freerange veges.

From being quite poxy, the vege bed looks improved. The rhubarb has taken off, should pick and cook some soon. The capsicum has fruit on it! whippee! I have planted a random thing that has grown out of the compost. I think it is a pumpkin? That will be an adventure. If it gets too big and horrid I shall just rip it out.

Now to do a bit of sewing and prep for bash attendance.  The intention is to achieve pleats in the Durer frock by end of bash. At least one out of the three sections.

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( Oct. 26th, 2008 05:34 pm)

So, I think I do like the bathroom walls after all now I have things attached to the wall again. A very soft look:

and I am seriously amused to realise that these are almost exactly the same colours I chose when redecorating my bedroom at age 15.

and here are my new geraniums. I must be having a pale pink phase. What does that mean?

now I need to put my feet up and think about dinner.

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( Oct. 18th, 2008 09:45 am)
second coat done on bathroom door and architraves. Yay!

conclusions drawn:
-there needs to be a third coat, boo. That changes my view of how much I can do this weekend. Esp given I have two social engagements today.
-I'm not a great painter, particularly of skirting boards

In other news- I have given up trying to find a home for my pot of rosemary*- so I have just planted it in a corner of  the herb garden. Looks cute there and I tend not to grow anything else in that corner. It will make shade for the dirt behind it and maybe help the new sage from A to grow. I read that sage and rosemary are companion plants.

*claimed from a year old layering of the monster bush in my front yard.
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( Oct. 1st, 2008 08:51 pm)

I'm pleased, my new armeria  seedlings are settling in, growing and flowering, yay!. Here is my first pink armeria flower. Remember the earlier post of pink flowers growing out of a 12thC wall in Orkney?

At least some of my plants are happy. The almond tree is not, still looks dead.

I have managed to get out of work at around 5pm a couple of days a week for the last couple of weeks. Makes a vast difference to how I feel about the world. Seems more like life is worth living.

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( Sep. 23rd, 2008 09:13 pm)
I am back home after a long weekend spent visiting family on t'other side of the country. It was dear Mama's birthday. I tried to visit her last year for her birthday and she ended up spending several days in hospital. This time everyone managed to stay healthy enough to not need hospitals thankfully. So we had a rather better time.

I'm a bit tired and a lot thankful to be home though I am still sort of trying to convince myself that I am home. Do I have a strong or a weak sense of place? It can sometimes take me ages to be convinced I am in a new place. I sort of need that sense to seep in and occupy the 'place sensing bit' of me. Perhaps I am just distracted and think too much.

 I brought home the latest collection of weird things from the parental abode, there is always something:
-12 pieces of cutwork wood bits for the back verandah made by Papa- my birthday present
- a new pine seed box- constructed by Papa in about 10 minutes. Served to demonstrate some of his impressive new woodworking machinery.
- a venerable retractable washing line- again for the back verandah. Mum used this when I was a child. Wonder how long it will last for me?
- a set of brass keys, decorative, including a cute one that is also a bottle opener, was my grandma's. Does our seneschal still need a key? If so, I can offer one.
- a tweed suit of my grandfather's- I am thinking of remodelling- more steampunkesque stuff!
- a tweed jacket of my father's- ditto
- a convex mirror in brass frame with laurel wreaths- which I fell for in an antique store. Where shall I hang it?

I have lots of laundry to do, how exciting. Also a new LBD, probably too girly but more exciting than laundry.

In other news unpublished from last week:
-there will be no beatiful show of blue flowers on the ceanothus* tree this year. A vast and unwelcome collection of caterpillars ate all the flowers. I finally got to them with pyrethrum, which worked, but I was too late, all eaten :-(
-the new almond tree is still looking dead, no spring growth yet. Fingers still crossed
-the first ranunculus** have flowered. One scarlet and one yellow.
-the freesias are past but I did so enjoy them this year, such lovely scent.
-all the new stuff in the herb garden is growing in a modest way, except perhaps the capsicum, maybe it is too cold yet. The new geraniums are taking off. The ones I am trying to strike are not dead yet which is a good sign.
- the rosemary bush is still only half pruned which looks pretty silly and is smothering the spring blooming lavender.

Now I shall try for a hot chocolate and some book before my lids fall whether I like it or not.
-update- blast, no hot chocolate 'cause some silly person did not buy any milk.

* bother, just looked this up. I thought it was a native but it turns out to be from north America
**spelling corrected-I thought that was slightly too many 'u's for one word
1. have cold- woke with sore throat and congestion, still have it. About to try and combat with honey+lemon+brandy. I was so pleased for there to be a plan of singing and dinner on my birthday. Now I might not be able to sing. Hopefully it will be a one day lurgy like Mr G's. fingers crossed

2. work is .. well what can I say. Another week of 11hr days coming- suprise- I have but scratched the surface of what has NOT be covered while I was away. This always happens, I should not be suprised. Whenever one of us is away, the others have to do 1.3-2 jobs. One is more than enough by itself and without crises of which we usually seem to have several. Hmm, is it a crisis when they are always happening? I am trying to play this down at work 'cause the lady who has been covering me is so stressed that she is going to the doctor tomorrow to see why she is getting chest pain, no joke. She (and the rest of us) is hoping this is muscular and stress based rather than anything more serious. I don't want her more stressed but I do need to deal with the work, my own stress response to it and try to adequately describe this situation to my new boss. I want to point out the system problem, not a person problem.  Management is never very keen to hear they are short of staff.

3. Yes I am marginally thinner than before the Scotland trip. This is good. Sadly not thin enough to fit into my court frocks though. The orange Cranach and the red Durer are still too close in the shoulder to wear. I can at least get them on now but they really are too small. Sob. No way I could wear them for an evening. I could maybe have a go at wearing the old Holbein frock. it at least has no shoulder constraint. It is too small in the body but at least it laces down both sides.  So I will give it a bit of a sponge down and review for needed mending. Otherwise I have only the 14thC stuff, really nice but i don't think of it as court wear. Fatty boombah lapsed frockmaker that I am :(   The consequences of prioritising pre-spring gardening above frocking become clear. Those plants had jolly better do well I say!

Bizarre then that I am feeling marginally more cheerful than I have for the last few days.

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( Aug. 30th, 2008 01:21 pm)
So what is the best way to get jam/sauce neatly into jars? Surely not the way I just did it which wasn't neat at all. ALL the jars needed washing down after the lids were on. Two I managed to drop into the sauce and so were actually dip filled! I had a more thorough go at sterilising the jars, including the drying in the oven part. As a result, every thing I was handling was HOT. Also the sauce is lumpy which was not helping the ladling process. I need a better pouring large ladle I think. Ah well, there is now apricot sauce to take to [livejournal.com profile] mrsbrown  birthday party.  This time I have added the lemon as juice and finely grated rind. I liked the occasional hit of strong lemon from the tiny wedges I used in previous versions-but not everyone else did.

In other news
-tum is fine this morning thankfully
-the herb garden is trying out some new veges. This morning I added a rhubarb crown, a capsicum plant, snow peas and carrot seedlings. Finger crossed the snails don't eat them.
-I planted a punnet of primula seedlings in the rose bed. Then I read the label which says they like shade. Oops. So I dug them up and replanted them under the new almond.
-I have pulled out most of what A tells me is onion grass, not the snowdrops I thought I had. Nevermind, more bulbs I can justify getting next season.
-the bluebells are starting to put up flower spikes!
-there are enough freesias now for me to cut a few for the house. Have decided I am not allowed to until I have vacuumed though.

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( Aug. 24th, 2008 01:49 pm)

This morning I checked, yes, the hardware store had a loaner trailer in. I dibsed it and spent the next few hours bringing home and shovelling a trailer load of dirt. Amazing how restorative some mindless labour can be. Mindless but not pointless. I bought 1/4 of cubic metre of 'premium garden mix' and another 1/4 of mushroom compost. My revamped, enlarged herb garden now has enough dirt, yay. The parsley and silver beet have been replanted. I have added a new tiny thyme plant in case the old one doesn't survive- it is looking suspiciously yellow in part. I have still to water but am recouping my strength while sitting typing this.

More stuff will be planted later. Now I have somewhere better to plant, yay. Fingers crossed the passionfruit survives the disturbance.

I am supposed to be going dancing this afternoon but right now I am just a bit too tired. Right, will water and then work out what I will do.
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( Aug. 17th, 2008 08:07 pm)
I said it to their faces many times, I'll say it again here. [personal profile] doushkasmum and [profile] sacred_chao turned up and we managed to get the concrete out from under the herb garden!! Yay and double yay. This involved
-harvesting 4 LARGE rocket plants, pulled up, leaves stripped, washed spun and either cooked or bagged.
-cutting back the oregano and festooning the loungeroom with it-to dry (see pic below)
-heavily trimming the lemongrass- made tea from some (yum) and some is drying in a basket for later tea making.
-lifting temporarily all remaining plants except the passionfruit. Thyme, oregano, lemongrass, 3-4 parsley plants, 4 silverbeets. The latter two might not survive but I am hopeful for the perennials.
-dismantling and shifting the brick wall
-digging out almost all the dirt
-smashing and levering up the concrete. Mostly this was not strong, rather crumbly actually.
-pouring clay breaking solution over the exposed clay
-rebuilding the wall, slightly expanded
-shovelling all the dirt back
-replanting oregano, thyme, lemongrass
-lots sweeping
-preparing and consuming a three course dinner accompanied by several beers.

 We found one mysterious pipe with a cover which we looked at and put the cover back. Let sleeping pipes lie.

Because of the missing depth of the concrete and the expansion of the perimeter there is now not enough soil to fill the garden. I plan to go buy a trailer load of mushroom compost next weekend to make up the lack. Then I can replant the rest of the displaced plants, and maybe some extras! I am SO happy this is now done. Whew. Should have done it 2 years ago but I had no idea then how much I would come to enjoy gardening. One lives and learns and hopefully improves.

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( Aug. 17th, 2008 09:49 am)
I meant to write this yesterday but I was out rather later than I expected. Then Ms McKinley grabbed me by the eyeballs again and made me read Deerskin until 2am, that is two nights running now.

Anyway, I think some people are turning up some time today to help me with garden shifting and concrete lifting? Not sure who, how many or when. Sometime around midday maybe? I shall go off shortly in my grubby gardening clothes to aquire random food to feed these theoretical helpers.  Would those who mean to come please drop me a reply if you read this? I shall look forward to seeing you.

May I suggest that extra shovels would be useful? I have one but only one.  Ah, and
the doorbell is defunct so mobile phone is also useful in case I am out back when you arrive.


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