My timing is great. I got home about 5 days before the first freesia flowers opened! they smell divine. Some mornings I can smell them when I open the front door- and only 3 flowers are open as yet. Wow. I have promised at least some of  this years crop of freesia pills to [personal profile] mrsbrown. I planted the gleaned pills from last year, they have sprouted and have flower stalks, yay.

I was going to spend today tidying away the piles of stuff that are littering the house. I was going to do this ages ago but my neck went out. Then a few weeks later my back went out. Then I went overseas for a month. Today, I was going to get in there, really. The supermarket hijacked me and I spent the rest of the morning cooking instead. I did get a bit of tidying done. Even sort of washed the kitchen floor. Now I need to thoroughly wash it after dropping a tray containing a substantial amount of molten lamb grease, ick. A job for the morning, not now.

Went to see Dark Knight today with J, D and [community profile] erudito. I really like action films but am not keen on the violence. How does one get an action film without violence? suppose I shall just have to continue covering my eyes at appropriate points. Heath was disturbingly fantastic.  Would have been disturbing even without knowing we have lost him.

Friday I was out at 7am zeroing the weeds. Is that weird? Well the forecast was for rain all weekend and the course I was to go to on Friday gave me a good hour more time in the morning than usual. Grab that chance!


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