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( Jun. 13th, 2009 01:55 pm)
I had been collecting a list of rather specific shopping needs that centred on a trip to Sydney Rd. So in 4hrs I have ticked them all off and am exhaustipated. The last segment ended with the classic "buy as much as you can carry". I was buying veges by that point so not so scary.
So now I have aquired:

-a slightly better brush attachment for my new (cheap) vacuum cleaner. Turns out I did not need to buy an extension piece for the wand- the lady introduced me to the telescoping nature of the existing wand  *blush*
-lots of yummy foodstuffs from the big mediterranean  store. Yay!
-the perfect tartan cotton to extend and scottishise my nephew's quilt
-a bolt end of divine white furnishing brocade. Looks like silk but probably isn't. I'll burn test it later +++
-a piece of teal silk crepe
-fabric for Erudito's coat. Charcoal and heavy
-veges for tonight
-brilliant yellow chrysanthemums. Cheerful to look at and I LOVE the smell.

Now I need to find the energy to put this lot away.

+++ OMG! it IS silk. 1.3m at $4/m !!Wow!! so there was a reason it called to me from across the shop. There weren't any other bits like it, I did check. Nearly bought about three others but thought as it was all on spec, I would only buy the really nice one. Glad I did.
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( May. 27th, 2009 09:27 pm)
I got home at a reasonable time. Fed myself, made the meatballs for tomorrow and practiced my song (no voice to speak of and a sore throat as a result) After all that it was all of 7:30! I was braindead but restless so I shifted a bookcase and a cupboard in the sewing room. Decision to do made previously so a nice brainless job.

Oh I own a lot of fabric. A little bit less now, threw a few odds and ends out but still, a lot of fabric. I think I need to re apply the fabric purchasing embargo until I have made some room in the cupboard. Particularly since the last two major projects were/are from newly purchased yardage. Must make up more from stash, really. Plenty of potential there.
slightly less sick. Haven't taken sudafed for a whole day. Still coughing and snotty but the voice is emerging.

New back door has been hung -three times. I think it is going to stay there now? Dad has deciphered the new lock and is busy making holes in the door for it to be mounted in. The kitchen keeps getting covered in layers of dust, dirt, sawdust. it is a fight to make a clean space to prepare food.

I am hopeful of making it into the office tomorrow. Not sure I am really well enough but how long does one have to stay home for just a cold thing? Besides, our department is going out to lunch and I have a remodelled ring to pick up from the jeweller near work.

To add insult to the injury I(this cold) have dealt my collegues,  I have 3 days annual leave booked for wed-Fri this week. Wonder if I can still take this? Supposedly I will take the folks away somewhere, that might not happen either. 

I did take Mum to Darncheap yesterday. Should not really have gone, that little excursion used up my day's energy quotient. They are moving to South Melbourne, less convenient to me but at least they will still be around. They are in clearance mode. Some stuff is very reduced but not the better fabrics, silk, wool etc. I bought some bits:
-green rayon lining- best kind
-pretty silk/cotton voile with tracery of angular grey/brown/black roses on it
-fine dark brown tartan wool -lovely-for work skirt/pants
-thread and zips- habby was 20% off but all white and black thread had gone.

so someone please tell us housebound types how the tavern feast went??
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( Feb. 16th, 2008 12:51 pm)
After nearly 3 years of hearing about it, I finally went to Eliza's this morning. Score! She supplied me with the lightweight suiting wool that I wanted only it is beige so I get to go dye shopping. Also a length of lovely dark navy twill for you might know who. 


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