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( Feb. 3rd, 2008 12:04 pm)

See, pink frock is finished. I got worn at the surveying expidition but I did the last of the handsewing yesterday. Hand buttonholes and all but only 2 per sleeve due to the somewhat transient nature of a linen frock. The dye seems to be coming out rather quickly. I don't therefore recommend the spotlight dye. The other achievement for me yesterday was managing to cut the pair of hose- pretty pink and cream check. The piecings are seamed, ready to be felled. We also did exciting bodice experiments on new frock for [personal profile] doushkasmum.

I have just put yellow Dylon dye through the lightweight wool from [personal profile] damned_colonial. I haven't got yellow, just a yellower shade of brown. I have only seen it wet as yet though. It is washing now, should have a better idea this afternoon.

I said I would go to bash today. Now I am not so sure.  I woke feeling ill and had to go back to bed for another 2hrs before I felt remotely well. Tummy is still twinging.  I also don't think I can wear the turquiose frock until I fix the bit that I have just remembered went sproing on the way home last wearing.


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