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( Jul. 6th, 2008 06:10 pm)
We have had a thrifty 24hrs, in a way. As in we have been to umpteen charity shops, what fun. This is an interest that truly is shared between the three of us. Scroungers of the world! So I am the proud owner of
-lambswool jumper in russet by burberry. lovey and soft. I think it is a small man's jumper but I don't care.
-stripey wrap jumper by benneton
-pretty summer frock

Bro and lady J are the proud owners of
a dining table and two chairs
-a heavy french iron skillet.
You can tell who lives here and who doesn't eh?

Today I spent ages in a fabulous vintage clothing store and failed to buy anything. All the things I liked either didn't fit or were more expensive than I was prepared to come at. However they had racks of tailcoats, corsets, trenchcoats, cashmere sweaters, kilts, 50s dresses....wave hands and squeak a bit.

Some time later we went to a local designer's shop. He takes old garments, chops them up and puts them back together. Very funky, very inspirational! I want to have a go. His stuff is very rough, deliberately I suppose. I would like it better with a bit more refinement. I will look at thrift shop clothing differently after this.

Bro is making bread. We had monkfish for dinner last night. There is hotsmoked trout to look forward to. Last night we went to one of the local pubs. It is a proper old couching inn built in 1890something. One side was for the posh people, the other side for the coachmen etc. Fabulous wood panelling and ornate ceiling. Oh and fab beer of course.

I spent a very short time in the Museum today, must go back. I was barely into the exhibits when I needed to leave but I still managed to see the Lewis chessmen and several exciting gold- actual gold, not brass, not silver gilt - hair fillets, 12th and 13th C. Yes, that is on the list for next week.

Bro has just handed me a jumper to fix and might let me loose on a tweed blazer that he doesn't like as is. I shall stay home in the warm and stitch jumper while Bro and J go off to harvest soggy raspberries at their allotment. I do want to see it later but the weather is cold and damp and I seem to have a cold.


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