on brussel sprouts.

I used to hate them. However several times in the last few years I have had really good dishes made from them. Tonight I had what is probably my first ever go at cooking them. They replaced the potato in a good and yummy nicoise salad (hope I spelt that right). The trick seems to be to not overcook them.

On the work front. It turns out that I am so unused to working less than 10+ hours per day, I feel guilty if I leave before then. Two days this week I have managed to limit myself to 9hr days but it sure is hard. I feel like I am shirking.

I am having another go at trying to get more done on weeknights in an attempt to free up a block of time for project work on the weekend. If I don't, I will never get this black coat made. I need half a day or so to just get started. Tonight has gone well. Left office at 5:15. Have done a few groceries, cooked dinner and got a load of washing on. Feels like some kind of miracle. I even have time to do another thing or two before retiring, yay.
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( Jan. 20th, 2008 04:10 pm)

I still haven't made a frock decision or cut anything out. I have however made 2.5 litres of lemon cordial for the surveying expedition next weekend as promised. This was as much as I could get out of the lemons that I had. I used a higher proportion of zest to juice than usual because I did not get as much juice as I expected. Tastes good though.

Budgie is not so sure that cooked zucchini is food. I liked it.
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( Dec. 26th, 2007 08:37 am)
I had a fabulous christmas day. No family involved other than over the phone, that part both sad and less stressful.

Started with a lovely breakfast with J and D, out on their back deck in the almost warm enough weather.
-spiced plums with spiced yoghurt and Christmas muesli-all home made.
-french toast made from panetone cake with berry sauce.    YUM
the drive over was fantastically quiet, best ever I think. The drive back only slightly less so, I waited until about 1:30 so anyone who was going to lunch already had.

Then I cooked for about 4hrs, around a long phonecall to the folks including my grampop and a 20min much needed powernap.

All good fun. J and D arrived bearing ham which D proceeded to glaze. We laid the table which looked spiffy, ironed godmother tablecloth and all. Even a centrepiece. The rest of the guests arrived and eight of us sat down to:
-Trio of seafood entrees:
classic prawn cocktail, blini with soucream and caviar, smoked salmon rolls with herbed cream cheese
Baked, glazed ham
Scalloped potatoes
Corn pudding (glorious, contributed by the lovley S)
steamed sparrow's grass
tomato salad with basil and balsamic
orange salad with mint and mustard
pavlova. filled with strawberry cream and topped with raspberries and blueberries. Well received as always. It always was by me as a child which is why I keep making it.
I remembered all ingredients and didn't add anything horrid unintentionally (see previous post) but the poor thing got twice baked! The recipe is to cool it in the oven and I had forgotten to take it out before D turned on the oven for the ham!
-black sherry for the grown ups. There was much amusement after I thought to offer little R blackcurrent cordial in a sherry glass so she could join in. That was a real hit. I lost count of how many times she demanded we refill her glass.

We had great crackers with superior paper hats - shiny gold ones, definitely a cut above the usual pastels.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks to all who came and made it worth doing. Now I need to lever myself up to go deal with the rest of the dishes. Not as bad as it would have been thought if the lovely G had not done two loads between courses! Thanks again.


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