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( Sep. 30th, 2008 07:42 pm)
How did I manage this? stuck at home waiting for a tradesman to come get his money instead of off eating noodles with friends?

The weeks have been so full that I am being confused about what day it is. I tend to think that I am 1-2 days ahead of where the week really is. So I agreed to be at home to pay for my rubbish removal. The guy has not given an address or an invoice but wants to come pick up cash. He did do the work we agreed on and I was going to pay cash on Sat except he did not finish that day. Whatever, but I am supposed to be somewhere else.

Never mind. I should probably be at home nursing this sore throat and sniffle instead of spreading it to my Tues people anyway. I still can't decide if I have a cold or an allergy response to the amount of dust I raised on Sunday. Much more cleaning and tidying needed before the dust levels reduce significantly, sigh.


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