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( Mar. 29th, 2009 10:54 am)
Yay. I did most things yesterday's list and added in a visit to splodgenoodles and 10B.

So revised list for today:
-assemble underskirt minus waistband- allow to drop until next week
-make new grommetty kringley things for tent walls and attach only really needed one
-some roof repair- don't have the thread for this
-buy extra tent pegs
-make tent poles pretty-repaint green?-maybe not, depends on time.

make stock
launder towels

water front garden

I am so glad I looked up camping stores early this morning. The only ones near me are at knifepoint. The only way I am willing to go there is just as it opens so I can get in and out fast without either fighting for a park or becoming overwhelmed by the focussed consumerism. I did get all the camping type things I needed plus a couple I had been thinking about and bought 'cause they were there. I have a few new tent pegs to replace the horrid bent ones and grommets to fix the walls. Hopefully I can get them to set properly. No I am not making kringles unless I have already made a new tent to attach them to.

On the subject of consumerism- I saw some great boots. I was prevented from trying them on by the state of my foot. Hadn't thought about that. I'd be silly to buy any more shoes until foot is better, hmm.



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