hoping that today's unreasonable exhaustion does not presage a lurgy.  Sometimes this happens, a whole day when all I want to do is sleep. Except I was at work all day. So I shall be nice to myself tonight in the hope I shall be well tomorrow.

starting to get organised for the trip thing. Have agreed to meet R+J in Nottingham, what a laugh. Thence to London by some route or other. Nottingham does not seem to be on the route to anywhere. I could just cave in and go with R+J but I already said I wouldn't. Not going to make any more decisions about this tonight though. Of course, being me, I am more concerned about what clothes I will take. Silly.

I made a blog yesterday. It has a title and one entry. I love my LJ but am irritated that I cannot easily point non-LJ using friends at my almost blogging. Not sure yet how or even whether I shall use the new blog. Not a decision for tonight.

The decision for tonight is what to have for dinner. I shall go and deal with that.


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