I am being pestered for a birthday wish list.  Not unreasonable. There is the usual "I am interested in your presence rather than your presents" thing but if you do insist on gifting me for the nasty 40th then things I would like are:

an "Abbotsford box stool" or at least hinges and latch for same

little stuff:
a nut cracker
a punch bowl- plain and elegant rather than moulded with fruit patterns (cut crystal would be fab but likely way too hard or expensive)
a copy of Mrs Beeton
a microplane grater-small
a pruning saw-fine tooth
a gravy ladle- prefer Stanley Rogers "SanRemo"
a silicon baking sheet
Seward brand hankies are always good

bigger stuff:
a new set of saucepans. s/s, deep, heavy base. Would help if i had gone looking for styles. Maybe this is too hard.
Cut crystal wine glasses. -lozenge pattern for preference. Mismatched accepted- opshops? of course Mum has the perfect ones.

big stuff what I would rather choose myself:
rugs for dining room and hall
outdoor furniture, small table and two chairs.

You probably know my fave colours or you wouldn't care about this list. I like styles art nouveau or earlier . I do wear gold. I don't wear silver. I don't like kitch. Not news to any of you I am sure.


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