I have not been able to shed the haze that is occupying my brain all weekend. I think work has eaten it, or the flu I have just had is demanding I rest, or something. Anyway it is irritating and I wish it would stop. I nearly ran over a family yesterday, forgetting that one needs to watch for pedestrians even if the light is green. They were understandably irate.I can't concentrate for long, sewing seems beyond me which is a bummer 'cause I had time for it yesterday. So instead I wandered around the garden, did 2 motifs of quilt, read half a novel and watched some of the athletics on SBS. I didn't use to watch sport! I will still only watch certain types but it takes no brain at all, is sort of company and doesn't offend me like so much tellie. So far I have found I can stand to watch athletics basically, bits of olympics, tour de France etc. I get to be mildly mystified by all those terribly fit athletes, my obsessions are so very different. I'd be depressed about the difference to my physique but I would so never spend the time to look like that.-suppose looks are not why they are doing it either.

Today I got sick of feeling like a waste of space and a bad person. I got off my behind and decided to bake a batch of seede cakes for bash- sort of a birthday cake for [personal profile] mrsbrown only in little bits, 'cause she likes them. Small problem. I put the batter together and then realised I had run out of seeds! So we have spiced cakes instead. Wonder how they will taste? I get to find out before anyone else but I don't think they will be poisonous.

I still feel hazy. However, my plum tree has it's first flower,  the bathroom smells of jasmine, the dining rooms smells of freesias (cause I put some in a vase). I do like spring.

Somehow I need to find the energy to survive a week at work, prepare for R25 and hopefully clean my house so I can wake to a nice house on my birthday-one of my foibles. At least I will be on holiday next week(month!). May I have a brain so I can enjoy it please?


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