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( Jul. 17th, 2008 06:00 pm)
I have been having a great day. P and J left this morning for their own holiday so I have had the house (and the computer) all to myself, yay! So the day has been very domestic other than an extended shopping trip. Laundry, packing, downloading photos, finding fresh batteries for the camera, charging the ipod. All because I leave for London in the morning.

So, I am supposed to be touristing? well, instead today I decided to do all those bits of shopping that I have been collecting up saying- I really must get that before I go. A delightful whirlwind later I got all on the list except one. There is a Scottish painter that I have decided is fantastic. Sir James Guthrie. One of those cases where I keep saying to myself "that painting is fabulous" and it turns out to be another Guthrie. Frustratingly, no one in Edinburgh, including the National Gallery, seems to stock any books about him or prints of his work. I shall have to search the internet later.

I have pretty much resigned myself to needing another bag to come home. Hope I can make that work. It would be worth excess baggage charges.


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