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([personal profile] doushkasmum Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:33 pm)
Today I am going to do an experimental brew. 8-)

36 lemons
1.3 kg honey (fairly strong tasting backyard honey from a mystery source, possibly Sui, some time ago)
25 g each of Citra and goldings hops
190 g lactose
10L water

Bring to boil, add goldings, 15 min later add citra. Strain out lemons, add honey and lactose and boil a bit more to dissolve.

Transfer to fermenter with 10L cold water. (so 20L batch) specific gravity 1.030 so expecting around 3.9 alcohol. Or a bit less as the lactose won't brew out.

Will pitch Nottigham ale yeast (gluten free!) when cool enough.


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