This weekend I attended two of the best SCA events I ever have. Lots of other people did too. Go the autocrats, cooks and all their helpers.

Friday was great. An open, relaxed but stylish feel. Great food- YUMMY! no suprises there but worth saying. I missed last court of their previousness's due to work being greedy with my time. Great to see everybody. We sang, just for fun, probably too much. Old orange Durer fit really well, better than expected. Still my specciest gown. There was a fountain on the groaning board! just like old times and fabulous for being so. Rushed away to take her pregnant excellancy away to her needed rest.

Sat. a big rush to get there with promised ingredients after more sleeping in than planned for. Hall looked great. Those banners really worked. One of the most elegantly decorated halls ever I say. Courts were elegantly brief- what they needed to be with some touching touches but not extended, over done or controversial. We sang the sing for their new maj's processional and it worked! well even! Food was really good, tasty, attractive and plentiful. Yay for the lasagne, turks head, cherry pottage and dessert bikkies especially.  Frocks were grand, my new black Durer isn't very speccy but I do like it and it's as comfy as they come. People were lovely (with a notable exception during a particular peerage meeting but pah to him). Helped a bit to tidy. Was torn about leaving until we realised that one set of house guests had headed home without a key to get in.

I didn't make the Sunday tourney. Never really meant to I suppose- running on ragged edge of sanity and care factor. Pity 'cause if it was on separately in a week or two I would be keen. Caught up instead with some rarely seen nearest and dearest. I hear people who went had a good time- needfully drunken in some cases. I am so looking forward to the unstructured nature of the next few weeks. Am feeling a NEED for quiet headspace. Have spent the last fortnight with pretty much every time slot booked, accounted for and a bit stressy. I need SPACE! and I didn't run the events!

Not enjoying the fact that I have discovered Event Guilt. Made worse by this weekend's extravagence being run by my household and almost household. I did some but struggled to enjoy the events wholeheartedly for guilt at not doing more. Silly me. 

I must however be doing some useful stuff. Was rather touched to be awarded a silver drakkar, cut from the baroness's gown no less. Amusingly (?) broke my 20yr society record of no service awards. Mayhap I have done enough in 20yrs to deserve one so I shan't feel I don't deserve it. Was sort of fun to have basically only A+S awards though AoA and Viscounty have service elements I suppose.

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