One of the things that was stressing me this weekend was clothes for the next two. Feeling a bit better now because
-I have found an outfit for the wedding that is warm, packable and (hopefully) elegant. Actually I have two to decide between, both mostly black.
-My new, unworn, though made 4-5yrs ago embroidered chemise works well enough with the newish black Durer frock. Yay, I have something new to wear to Baronial changeover. The sleeves are a bit short, the chemise was made for a loose sleeved gown. For a gown with puffy bits it needs to be longer. I thought I was losing a bit of weight, black frock feels a bit looser. Not sure if this is a good thing or not
-The orange Cranach fits in its recombobulated expanded state. Only problem is the shoulders are firmer than I would like.
Whew, this is good.

So on the further list for today
-clear a path for the washing machine delivery men. This incidentally will encourage me to tidy the hallway
-clear the two  other "guest" rooms
-lay out clothes for the next two weekends
-play with the new machine after it gets here
-go visit sjkasabi if time and everyone's exhaustion allows.

Hope I can keep focus for all this. Really I feel brain low and tired. Maybe I shall knit some more sock first(this is being fun and looking like it's working). Maybe I should clear the hall and then knit sock, that sounds good.

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Yay! I'm going to be wearing black too - I think all the classy people will be.
Patterning and braining this frock is giving me the irrits. You've made a good decision!
Did you still want to run that class up here? I think there's still a spot in the timetable. Did C speak to you?

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Yay, I get to see you this weekend. I did speak (email) with C. I think we concluded to not do the class. It was not allowed for on the timetable and it looked like there were enough classes. quatrefoil and I still plan to disappear off to Berrima in the arvo after she found that I had not been to some particular fantastic shop- the name of which I have forgotten.

Yay for going to the wedding! What chance a lift? otherwise I shall train or taxi or something. Ms Q is not going, not suprising I suppose.

Still a bit sad I will not have a full new impressive frock- have to settle for an old impressive one-grin. I have come up with a new head cloth to make, should be easily doable. Then I will have matching embroidered chemise and headcloth for the baronial change- not too shabby.


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