I have spent most of my useful time today dealing with washing machines in one way or another. NOT what i had planned for today. Trying to make the old one work first, then figuring out which one I wanted to buy, then going and buying one. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and the old one taken away. I will be sad to see the old one go. It was the first serious house thing I ever bought and has been my (mostly) faithful servant for 17yrs. We've been through a lot together- lived in lots of houses, and or laundries, dyed fabric, dyed the wall, washed countless loads of clothes and yardage.

I am joining the ranks of front loader owners. I am somewhat keen to give this a try but am trepidacious about it after using top loaders all my life. That wash cycle length is going to be seriously annoying. I shall have to keep reminding myself of the improvement in water efficiency. Also I am truly hoping that my clothes end up incrementally cleaner.

hmm, much of tomorrow will go to washing machine issues too I suppose. Don't know when it will be delivered and then it will need to be installed and tried out of course. Hopefully I will have chance to go see sjkasabi and co in the arvo. I MUST pack for the weeding trip.

Does anyone still have a top loader? want some washing powder?

From: [identity profile] mr-bassman.livejournal.com

Frontloaders are much better than top loaders.

Typically, one merely uses half the soap of a top loader.

You'll get used to the longer cycle length, and there are generally ways to program it wash quicker.

From: [identity profile] assassinus.livejournal.com

Oh welcome, welcome to the fraternity of front loader owners!

I agree with Mr Bassman, they generally are. The one thing, that is really annoying, and I miss from the top loader is that once your frontloader starts its cycle, you can't stop it to throw something extra in.
Really annoying when you've just started an hour cycle and see that shirt you want to wear tomorrow fell out of the laundry basket!.


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