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([personal profile] elegentry Jun. 19th, 2009 09:58 pm)
am feeling more myself thank you. Verily, PMT+grief+stress made a powerful and unpleasant mixture.

I am still feeling rather sad so will putter about this weekend achieving what I can and trying to feel good about it. I shan't write a list here, that will just stress me more, wrote it the other day anyway. I really must organise for next weekend's wedding by Sunday night as I have no free nights next week in which to pack.

Aside from all that, I am again following in doushkasmum's sock knitting footsteps. We were both intending to try knitting some toe-up socks. Again we are using the same pattern though found sort of independently. At least this time our wool is from different sources and we are using different needle styles, dpns for me and circulars for her. Anyway, I have wended my way to producing the first toe. Seems to have worked and was rather fun. Now I get to do the the plain foot while watching the stripes develop from the multicoloured wool. I bought the wool in Stirling so I am working with a souvenir of sorts from last year. Two more lots of sock wool were bought in Scotland so there is much knitting fun potential. Sock knitting is fabulous train work and seeing as I have managed to get back on the train a few days per week I do need a train project. Increases my tolerance for delay manyfold.
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