Once apon a time I was a schoolgirl. Who had never been kissed. A chap who I quite liked showed interest and fixed the never-been-kissed part. Well time, lost time, lots of time passed in a state far, far away. This chap, my year of school, my age... passed away recently. He contracted cancer about 2yrs ago, it metastased as cancers do and took him away from this world. I hope to a better. I really hope. I know nothing to suggest he deserved anything less.

I would not have known of his death excepting his mother took special effort to call my mother. She thought, that (montjoye) would maybe like to know..... Sob.

I saw him by chance a couple of years ago for the first time since high school, maybe just before or just as he fell ill. I was shopping in my home town with my parents. He saw us/me and came to say hello. I might not have recognised him across a room but I did after he greeted us. He looked so tall and strong and happy. I have thought of this meeting many times since, in a "I'm so glad he looks so well" kind of way. SOB again. Given his mother took the trouble to let me know, I'm sure he cared more than I did about our long ago little romance. I am SO sad about this, has taken a few days to be willing to write about but I wanted to. He is worthy of a eulogy and a few tears.

From: [identity profile] quatrefoil.livejournal.com

That is indeed very sad - I'm really sorry for him and for you, and for all the things that were and might have been.

From: [identity profile] omnot.livejournal.com

Ow that is sad. I'm sad that you are sad.

*Hugs, warmth and good chocolate.*

From: [identity profile] lurex-deepfried.livejournal.com

oh, that's so sad. It's lovely that his mother got in touch; she must remember you fondly.

From: [identity profile] alliette-d.livejournal.com

That is very sad. Hugs and comforting thoughts your way.

From: [identity profile] baronsnorri.livejournal.com

I feel for you. Hugs--as many as you need.


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