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Finally after years of procrastination, I have put my hand up for 100% green electricity. It is not as expensive as I had feared. Only costs me approx $30 extra per quarter. The website estimates it at ~$90 per quarter but calculating on the c/kWh I only get $30 for my consumption. Makes me wonder how other people manage to use that much power? I do have gas for some things I suppose and I am frugal with heating and cooling. There is also only one of me and I don't have a pool.

So, now there is some arguement for me to use MORE electricity, grin. Then they would have to build more green power sources?

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Those calculations are based on a family of four using electricity for all their heating and cooking and water heating. When P and I bought green power in Canberra, even though we used it for everything, the actual additional cost was miniscule.

But your new flat screen TV should take care of some of the slack ...

From: (Anonymous)

yes well. The tellie might have had something to do with the timing of this decision. Not that I think it uses any more energy than the old one or that I will watch it longer. More that:
-spending big money tends to make me less worried about spending little money. Thankfully this effect does not last long
-spending somewhat frivolous money made me want to spend more meaningful money.

Works for me anyway.


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