I had been collecting a list of rather specific shopping needs that centred on a trip to Sydney Rd. So in 4hrs I have ticked them all off and am exhaustipated. The last segment ended with the classic "buy as much as you can carry". I was buying veges by that point so not so scary.
So now I have aquired:

-a slightly better brush attachment for my new (cheap) vacuum cleaner. Turns out I did not need to buy an extension piece for the wand- the lady introduced me to the telescoping nature of the existing wand  *blush*
-lots of yummy foodstuffs from the big mediterranean  store. Yay!
-the perfect tartan cotton to extend and scottishise my nephew's quilt
-a bolt end of divine white furnishing brocade. Looks like silk but probably isn't. I'll burn test it later +++
-a piece of teal silk crepe
-fabric for Erudito's coat. Charcoal and heavy
-veges for tonight
-brilliant yellow chrysanthemums. Cheerful to look at and I LOVE the smell.

Now I need to find the energy to put this lot away.

+++ OMG! it IS silk. 1.3m at $4/m !!Wow!! so there was a reason it called to me from across the shop. There weren't any other bits like it, I did check. Nearly bought about three others but thought as it was all on spec, I would only buy the really nice one. Glad I did.
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