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([personal profile] elegentry Jun. 8th, 2009 11:18 am)
I just tried my newly collared, as yet armless coat on. It promises nice things for eventually, but, bother! the baggy back shoulder that I thought might need fixing...does. I saw this in the toile but wondered if I was imagining things. NO. The thing is, I need a bigger size due to bust and bum, not because of overall fat/breadth. So I need to reduce the bulk factor. Ah, here comes unpicking. At least I had not put the sleeves in yet.

See- this is one of the reasons I have been resisting commercial patterns- they just don't fit! I went with this one because I wasn't sure I could make the collar work by myself.

So, next to unpick and another round of fit adjustment before any more construction. This is taking longer than I though.

I have been into town (to look at 'Austen' frocks with doushkasmum), a pleasant time was had.

I think I have found solutions to the horrid back fit. However, I will rest the garment now in case I have more ideas later, also because I can't SEE it. I don't have full length mirror with bright enough light to see how a matt black coat is sitting without good daylight. It's just about dark outside now . Sadly I won't have good light again while I am home until next Sat :-(

I shall have to fiddle with the armhole again too as a result of these changes, ah well. No point in putting this much effort in unless I end up with a garment that fits.
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