whew. I have just finished making 3 pockets in the black coat. It is a long time since I had done a welt pocket and I got scared of them. Actually, they weren't that hard. They are not perfect but you can hide a lot in black fuzzy fabric! Now I can proceed to worry about seaming the velvet to shiny things- eek. I shall resort to handsewing if necessary. Actually, my main problem with this whole coat process is the commercial pattern I think. I haven't worked with one for so long. I am used to having made all my own cut and construction decisions. Effectively, I have usually 'made' the garment in my head before I start. With a commercial pattern one has to take more on trust,  I feel sort of like I'm running blind.

I didn't make bash- obviously if you were there. I was pocket focussed and feeling insular.  Bonus for staying home was a fun visit from [livejournal.com profile] feralcheryl  and family including walk to park, swings, cafe coffee and cake and small mr taking great delight in gratuitous doorbell ringing. Oh, and I was gifted some homebrew by G, lovely.... which I am now drinking some of as a reward for pocketting. It's a brown ale and has to be drunk soon, what a shame.

tonight I shall feed erudito after failing to attract his attention to help eat the pork casserole last night. Something different tonight- a form of puttanesca I think. I do love a weekend with two 'Saturday' nights!

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