whew. I have just finished making 3 pockets in the black coat. It is a long time since I had done a welt pocket and I got scared of them. Actually, they weren't that hard. They are not perfect but you can hide a lot in black fuzzy fabric! Now I can proceed to worry about seaming the velvet to shiny things- eek. I shall resort to handsewing if necessary. Actually, my main problem with this whole coat process is the commercial pattern I think. I haven't worked with one for so long. I am used to having made all my own cut and construction decisions. Effectively, I have usually 'made' the garment in my head before I start. With a commercial pattern one has to take more on trust,  I feel sort of like I'm running blind.

I didn't make bash- obviously if you were there. I was pocket focussed and feeling insular.  Bonus for staying home was a fun visit from [livejournal.com profile] feralcheryl  and family including walk to park, swings, cafe coffee and cake and small mr taking great delight in gratuitous doorbell ringing. Oh, and I was gifted some homebrew by G, lovely.... which I am now drinking some of as a reward for pocketting. It's a brown ale and has to be drunk soon, what a shame.

tonight I shall feed erudito after failing to attract his attention to help eat the pork casserole last night. Something different tonight- a form of puttanesca I think. I do love a weekend with two 'Saturday' nights!


From: [identity profile] giddyaunt.livejournal.com

but what does it have in its pocketses? Not that you are a nasty hobbit, no no. But you have pocketses! Just one question - where do you put the third welt pocket? that's almost as mind-boggling as budgie flossing! Also, when (as in what time) are you planning to go to the Austen thing?

From: [identity profile] montjoye.livejournal.com

left breast pocket. Grin-to carry things over my heart (or train tickets) not to put my left breast in.

um I have thoughts of lunch at choc buddh followed by austen frock followed by tea in the lovely newish tea rooms at ngv. Jen may be well enough to come. What do you think?

From: [identity profile] giddyaunt.livejournal.com

That sounds just lovely. I would love to come, if I can manage it. Although probably just to the austen bit, as I have responsibilities tomorrow. Also, would it spoil it for everyone if I had two 10yr olds in tow? they were quite good at the deco exhib and quite civilised, really, but I understand if the unencumbered would prefer not. I won't be offended. I wouldn't normally bring them, but I want to see this and would love to see it with you and if I do that tomorrow, they come as part of the deal!

From: [identity profile] montjoye.livejournal.com

sure, bring the girls. the costume gallery is not very big, and why shouldn't they see the frocks too. I'll talk times with the other two. I suppose 1-2ish for the gallery maybe? I'll call you tomorrow.

From: [identity profile] ms-kilian.livejournal.com

Hooray Pocketes!
Let me know what you think of the Austen Frocks. They're on my to do list too.


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