well. I have managed to make myself start this coat.

-lining body is assembled, still to do sleeves
-wool back is assembled.
-Good wool coating is a joy to work with I must say. Soft to handle, sews, eases easily and presses like a dream.
-Silk satin in the overlocker? not so much. There was thread pulling and uncontrolled lack of ease, followed by unpicking, changing of needles and re-seaming on the regular machine. Whew.

Tomorrow I shall perhaps attempt more complex items like... pocketses!

Note to self- adding cream to pork casserole was overkill.
The casserole was otherwise great- for future reference =
two enormous pork chops, like slices of pork leg roast. some ham, white beans, potato, celery, zucchini, sage, thyme, parsley, vermouth, lemon juice, water, seasoning. 3hrs in slowish oven.

P+P is still good. First half down. Likely to go visit the Austen fashion exhibition on Monday.


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