Well romance is absent so to cheer myself up I have been working on another sort of bed.

I have been thinking about this for weeks/months. So in the last couple of hours I pulled out the french lavender that refused to flower, the yellow daisy that also didn't flower enough for my liking and was occupying the place that I mean to plant a morello cherry. Also gone is the pink flowered south african thing that had gone a bit manky and the old english lavender that was slowly rotting away.

What is left? the french lavender that DOES flower and is happily on the end next to the path, the ornamental flowering plum that is settling in, this is it's 3rd winter. Also the massive old rosemary bush and an italian lavender peeking out from behind the rosemary.

I walked down the street and brought back a bag of cow manure on my trolley. Now the exposed earth has most of a bag of manure and a bag of cheap potting mix dug through it. If we are fortunate, the sky will water it all in for me.  I'll let that settle, then go buy a few plants in a week or so, yippee. If even more fortune (or possibly sun) shines on the right bit of garden bed- some queen fabiola bulbs might come up next summer.

Gardening seems to be my most reliable antidepressant these days. Besides, now I am Warm! The two side beds are languishing unworked. I STILL haven't called up fencing people. I so must.  Though it is not such a bad idea to do this in stages. I have done enough digging for one day.

Now to decide what I will put in the oven for dinner. Maybe slow bake lamb thing?  I must do groceries. I am sitting here drinking black coffee 'cause I am completely out of milk. Hopefully I will find some enthusiasm to work on my coat. I'd much rather lay out and piece the heart quilt that is waiting in the cupboard. Fickle enthusiasms? The black coat was always more of wanting the garment than wanting to make it though.


From: [identity profile] omnot.livejournal.com

Look at that garden bed! It is raining fit to soak a duck here in Ballarat, so fingers crossed you get some of that.

For me, sewing projects are about construction problems and having the garment. My snow-nose tells me that it is going to be a chilly, chilly Winter, so I hope you get the coat sewn and on your back soonish!

From: [identity profile] lurex-deepfried.livejournal.com

i'm sure there's romance down here in portarlington ... plenty of bearded eye candy, young eye candy, bald eye candy, singleted-local eye candy, etc etc.

come to think of it... perhaps the bed you've made today there is the more attractive!


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