I often buy myself a Mother's day present. Bit wierd since I have no children. I sort of vaguely pretend it is a gift from one of the things I spend time caring for, the budgie or my house most recently. Last year it was a pair of great seceteurs (sure that spelling is wrong and spell check won't find it for me "secretary" is not the word I want). This year it was a marvelous RED gerenium with large lush flowers. See above. The pic does not really capture the brilliance of the colour.  I have potted it up and it is doing well, has three bunches of flower buds on the way.

Shiny green capsicums growing! in my garden! None have turned red and they are a bit bitter, but they are pretty to look at and I do eat them.

My volunteer pumpkin vine is managing a single useful fruit. All the others have rotted away. This fellow is about 18cm across now.

and the first jonquil has appeared in the front garden! They have managed to flower in May before but I am always suprised they are so early. this pic is from a previous year so a bit cheaty. I think one of the rows of jonquil bulbs might have died in the extreme heat this summer, sad, I have seen no sign of them growing  yet this year. 

I am just home from the big pre-coronation singing rehearsal. It was fun, we got the piece mostly together, it was great to see everyone including a couple of new people... and I finished my new linen chemise.



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