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( Jun. 29th, 2009 03:24 pm)
Perhaps I should say what MUSIC!

I'm back home, suffering a mild case of wine flu and very, very glad I organised to have today off work. I am puttering about tidying up and putting clothes through the new washing machine. While doing so I have repeated reruns of "Zadoc the priest" running through my head.

What an ambitious piece to plan, performed live, as the processional for a wedding. It was FABULOUS. Beautiful proper pipe organ, ~9 voice choir and two trumpets to top it off. Oh so wonderful. I do hope it was all A hoped for. It was surely far more glorious than I expected. Since I got there with some of the choir members, I got to hear it not once but 3 times!

This is the church, looking back towards the main door. Very beautiful, very historic

I got some decent shots of the choir too but won't show them here.

The ceremony was lovely and both bride and groom were sweet, well spoken and well dressed. But the MUSIC! In addition to Zadoc there was some impressive piano playing from a young (~8?) nephew of the bride. Then a choral recessional. Also very pleasant incidental music from both organ and choir while we waited for the rather late bride.  Oh, and live music for dancing at the reception, by family members no less.

The other high point for me was the one dance I got at the reception. I didn't know when he asked me but the gentleman who asked me to dance turned out to be a trained ballroom dancer. I felt like an uncoordinated lump to start with but started to settle into the waltz not long before the music finished. It is SUCH a treat to dance with someone good. Wow. Now I want to do more dancing.

Besides the wedding I really enjoyed spending quality time with good friends that I don't get to see nearly often enough. So nice to reconnect. Some very notable exceptions. Just can't see everyone in one weekend unless the right parties are scheduled.



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