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( May. 30th, 2009 10:57 am)
feeling slow this morning. Perfectly understandable. A brain heavy week finished up with out till midnight involving cocktails. I went to see/support catchmyfancy at the finals of an eisteddford thingy, with bonus company of the giddy one. I really enjoyed it, she placed which was fab though not as fab as winning would have been of course. We dubbed the winner "shouty girl", a strong contralto who sang only loud things. She shouted well but there was no evidence that she was capable of delicacy or any variety of intensity.

So I got up late. My achievements by 11am are the dishes from Thursday night and one bodgy  load of laundry. Dumb, I did a full load, after it was done and all the clothes were out of the machine I realised the water level was set to "low". Strangely most things seem clean enough- a few might have to have another go. Wonder if I will regret putting them on the line? I can't be lazy and use the dryer 'cause it is deadibones. One day I'll maybe find a fixit option and get help to lift it down off the wall.

Now I need to figure what to do with the rest of the day. Several ideas, none of which feel appealing right now. I've just had second coffee so I can't use that as thinking space, hmm.


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