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( May. 21st, 2009 12:45 pm)
I am still unwell in a low level way. Have been since Sunday. So I am at home, working* but trying to get maximum fluids into myself- chicken soup, soluble aspirin *,* coffee, oh and even some water. Last glass of water was found by the budgie before I drank it- much excited splashing ensued. I then got a fresh glass for me and am insisting budge stays in the warm loungeroom until he dries.

When I had the flu shot a few weeks ago- they said if I did get sick, it would likely be less severe and pass quicker. So maybe I would have raging bronchitis if I hadn't had the shot? or maybe I would be well?

F4 peeps- I don't think I can sing tonight, more's the pity.

*well, for another hour or so anyway
**why does panadol make me feel vaguely unwell?


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