on brussel sprouts.

I used to hate them. However several times in the last few years I have had really good dishes made from them. Tonight I had what is probably my first ever go at cooking them. They replaced the potato in a good and yummy nicoise salad (hope I spelt that right). The trick seems to be to not overcook them.

On the work front. It turns out that I am so unused to working less than 10+ hours per day, I feel guilty if I leave before then. Two days this week I have managed to limit myself to 9hr days but it sure is hard. I feel like I am shirking.

I am having another go at trying to get more done on weeknights in an attempt to free up a block of time for project work on the weekend. If I don't, I will never get this black coat made. I need half a day or so to just get started. Tonight has gone well. Left office at 5:15. Have done a few groceries, cooked dinner and got a load of washing on. Feels like some kind of miracle. I even have time to do another thing or two before retiring, yay.


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