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( Apr. 18th, 2009 10:16 am)
I sit here weary in paint spattered clothes but .... there is no green paint left in the kitchen! Hoorah! It is all covered over by the chosen cream paint, somewhat streaky but only one coat yet so only to be expected.  I was dubious during- streaky cream over dull green just looks manky but as soon as a section is fully covered then is all good. I had forgotten just how tiring painting is, holding odd poses while guiding a brush 'just so'. I was slow to start and felt really clumsy. by the end of coat one I feel I have my hand back in. Just as well though that I have to wait hours before doing the second coat. Can't leave the house because the catch is off the kitchen window. I can put the new one on as soon as second coat is dry enough.

Getting this far gives me further push to do the rest of the house eventually. Especially the dining room. That dull green paint is dark, the room is dark and has six doors in it! Yes, six. So if they all turn pale cream, the room will feel lighter, and prettier, and lovely, really. I will only do the kitchen this weekend. Might do some furniture moving to facilitate the next bit of painting though.

move furniture? a task that always blows out in scope
water front garden?
plant stuff?
more deep tidy? so slow- requires much brain power, so many decisions.


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